Giving back to Tia Shearer Bassett


We were saddened to learn this week that Tia Shearer Bassett, a valued member of the DC theater community and a bright shining light of a human, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Tia and husband Matt Bassett, also a beloved member of the local theater community, will need some extra help as Tia goes through chemo and other treatments that will keep her out of work. Won’t you join us in extending a hand to Tia, Matt, and their young son?

Tia Shearer Bassett. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Here are some ways you can help Tia:
Contribute to the Amazon Wish List Tia created. It’s full of items Tia and her family can use throughout Tia’s treatment. (Be sure to include the special delivery note to leave the package at the back of the building at T1’s doorstep.)

Consider becoming a Tia Shearer Bassett patron! For $3 or $10 per month, you can become a member of Tia’s #TheatreWolf pack and help sustain her creative pursuits.

Here are some amazing facts about Tia, DC’s very own Theatre Wolf:

  • She’s an actor, director, writer, theater teacher, and creator living her best creative life.
  • She loves kids and specializes in children’s theater. No one makes funny faces like Tia!
  • She’s a kick-ass mom to an amazing boy and a loving/beloved wife.
  • She has been a company member at Flying V, Arts on the Horizon, The Hub Theatre, and Only Make Believe
  • She has appeared on the following DC stages: Constellation Stage, Edge of the Universe Players, Imagination Stage, Longacre Lea, Spooky Action Theater Company, The Kennedy Center Theater for Young Audiences, Taffety Punk (and more!)
  • She is really smart and has great taste in poetry and books!
  • She’s an innovative theater wolf! Tia created a Patreon account as a clever way to support her life as a professional artist.

Want to learn more about Tia? Check out The Notable Woman podcast episode “Living the Creative Life with Tia Shearer Bassett” where Tia talks about motherhood, theater, and living her best creative life with her husband and son.

DC Theater Arts and DC Theatre Scene are joining forces to help support Tia and her family.


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