4615 Theatre Company launches first livestream performance tonight

Live online reading of DC-based playwright's 'This Vessel Is A Fragile Thing,' initiates 4615 EP series of quarantine theater pieces

Surprise! 4615 Theatre Company is thrilled to announce its first piece of #quarantinetheatre: a live online reading of This Vessel Is A Fragile Thing, by DC-based playwright Britt A Willis. An all-star cast will read the play live at 7 pm Monday, March 23. Tune in on our Facebook page, and join in for this free performance.

The reading is the first in the 4615 EP series. (EP for extended play, a reference to records shorter in length than a full album, but longer than a single, and still a creatively cohesive standalone work.) These short-form passion projects will all be generated by 4615 company members. This performance is an EP for Resident Artist Ezra Tozian, who will play the lead role. The reading is directed by Resident Artist Jon Jon Johnson. The cast also features Caroline Dubberly, Regina Aquino, Tom Howley, Nicole Ruthmarie and Aron Spellane.

About the play: Over three nights and three dreams a non-binary person explores their relationship with their body, their family, and their desire to escape from the internal and external conflicts surrounding them.

The first night, they dream of turning into a tornado and destroying their hometown. The second night, they dream of fighting in a war with their grandfather. The third night, they dream of a future where they can transition into any form they choose. As the third dream progresses, it shifts, trying to please and keep them in the dream, away from the real-world problems they so desperately want to avoid.

This Vessel Is a Fragile Things plays on Monday, March 22 at 7 pm on 4615 Theatre’s Facebook page. The performance is free to all.

Playwright Britt A Willis is a DC-based theater practitioner and writer of games and plays, which have been produced in Chicago, DC, Massachusetts, Nashville, and Texas. They are a current member of Playwrights’ Center and the artists’ collective District Misfits, and run the theatreWashington Mentoring Program. Catch Britt tweeting about process and thunder thighs @feelingfickle and find examples of their other work, including games and design, at brittawillis.com. Willis’s work for FY20 is funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities through the Arts and Humanities Fellowship Program.


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