Black women to join Brave Soul Collective’s ‘#BlackMenFeel’ on healing

"Our lives as Black (Queer) men are interwoven with those of Black women."

Brave Soul Collective continues its exploration of mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges experienced by Black men, specifically Black Queer men, with the third and final installment of #BlackMenFeel, streaming Sunday, December 6, 2020.

Following Act I, “Roots,” in September and Act II, “Wounds,” in October, BSC concludes this deeply personal virtual series with Act III, “Healing.” During it, panelists, writers, and performers will address vulnerability, communication, visibility, self-care, self-preservation, establishing chosen family, building community, mental health, therapy, humor, and, most important, centering joy.

“This project is being presented in an ongoing effort for us to help rescue each other,” said Brave Soul Collective Artistic and Managing Director ​Monte J. Wolfe​. “Though this work is intentional and specifically aims to address Black men and our emotions, each of these ​programs is ​open to everyone, as we all attempt to unpack our individual and collective emotions.”

Conceived and curated by Brave Soul Collective founder Wolfe—and produced by BSC in partnership with Counter Narrative Project—#BlackMenFeel responds to the current state of life and conditions due to COVID-19 by providing a means of support for members of the BSC audience who are navigating the uncertainty and difficulties brought on by the pandemic.

Most notably this time around, four brilliant and talented Black women are joining the cast. “We cannot ever have a conversation about healing—or about the lives and well-being of Black men and our emotions—without Black women,” said Wolfe. “All of the performance pieces in Act III are specifically focused on the various ways our lives as Black (Queer) men are interwoven with those of Black women—in beautiful and sometimes very unique and complicated ways.”

Panelists and writers for Act III include Daddy Rod, Johnnie R. Kornegay III, Dr. Keith Green, Kevin Tarver, and Michael Sainte-Andress, who each share valuable insights through their panel discussion appearances and writings. Audience members can also expect to witness a carefully crafted collection of artistic performances from Rich Rocket, PoetRaeMonet, Patricia Williams-Dugueye, JT Smitty, Rodderick Sheppard, Barbara Asare-Bediako, Damion Perkins, and Monte J. Wolfe.

“Given all of the unfortunate ways we’ve each been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic this year and as we find ourselves in the middle of the holiday season, the overall goal of presenting this last act of #BlackMenFeel is to leave viewers with some hope and optimism,” said Wolfe. The event is also being presented in observance of World AIDS Day 2020, which is officially recognized globally this year on Tuesday December 1, 2020.

To RSVP (or donate) for free exclusive access to #BlackMenFeel on December 6 at 7pm (EST), click here.

To view Act I, “Roots,” click here. To view Act II, “Wounds,” click here.

Brave Soul Collective is a multidisciplinary arts and education organization that focuses on HIV/AIDS outreach and prevention as well as issues affecting the lives of LGBTQ individuals and communities at large, through the creative, performing, and healing arts. To learn more, visit the ​Brave Soul Collective Official Website.

Donations to support Brave Soul Collective’s work can be made here.


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