A new venture from science-rapper Baba Brinkman

A recurrent favorite at the SoHo Playhouse with his popular Rap Guide series, award-winning science-rapper and entrepreneur Baba Brinkman has not let the pandemic put a halt to his acclaimed act. He has continued to perform virtually on Zoom and has even expanded his boundary-breaking career by conceiving and founding a new company called Event Rap – the first-ever booking tool for custom rap content.

Baba Brinkman. Photo by Ben Asen.

Over the course of 2020, the New York-based Canadian-born artist’s signature Zoom set has been a “Rap Up” – an original lyrical recap of an event’s content and the audience’s shared experience, composed while it was going on and performed at the end as a grand finale. With the success of this novel form of entertainment – which he did dozens of times at Zoom meetings, galas, and virtual conferences – Baba was inspired to invite fellow rappers to participate in the new platform. Each of the highly skilled rappers he recruited was happy to join him, with an emphatic “Hell, yes!” The result was Event Rap – a booking service that helps people find and commission original custom rap songs about any topic, for any occasion, providing independent artists with new creative challenges and income, while expanding and redefining the boundaries of the rap industry.

The original venture offers three main services: the Rap Up; an original Custom Rap song and video, pre-recorded or premiered at an event and capturing its key themes; and an improvised Freestyle Set in response to prompts from the audience. All are designed to offer a unique experience for attendees and to help clients share their message with the world.

To support the new initiative, an Event Rap Kickstarter campaign was initiated on April 27, and runs through May 27, offering discounted early bird prices and custom rap tiered rewards for backers, including short Custom Rap videos, live Rap Up summaries, and even fully-produced songs and music videos.

To date, Event Rap has signed more than ten accomplished rap artists, all with their own special areas of interest, achievements, and lyrical flow. The roster features Baba, Abdominal, Corey James Gray, Dex McBean, Fyütch, inverse K, Jam Young, Kosha Dillz, Lex Rush, Mega Ran, Nate and Hila, Nathan Dufour, and Zeps. Clients can request any Event Rap Artist for their event, or can be matched with the rapper that best fits their needs and message, to make videos that explore any topic, and to perform virtually for any occasion, including corporate events, college classes, non-profit campaigns, private parties, and more.

Cover art by Noël Planet.

In conjunction with the launch of Event Rap, Baba’s newest LP, Bright Future, is set to be released on May 28. A prototype for the Event Rap business model, the world’s premiere Custom Science Rap album, mastered by long-time collaborator Mr. Simmonds, contains ten original songs and videos, each commissioned to tell a story of scientific discovery.

For an entertaining and enlightening sample of a Custom Rap video (and Kickstarter reward) from Event Rap, you can watch Abdominal’s “Freedom of the Printing Press” here:


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