Virtual Repertory Theatre to Zoom original adaptation of ‘The Great Gatsby’

The young bicoastal company retells F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic story about how the realities of money and class impact the ability to dream.

Virtual Repertory Theatre Collective continues to bring classics to Zoom theater with their original adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic The Great Gatsby. The production will be performed live July 31 and August 1, 2021.

As summer heats up, romance, dreams, and parties are on the brain, and the world of The Great Gatsby comes alive in the premiere of VRTC’s The Great Gatsby. The Collective aims to capture the frenetic and intense pulse of summer and the American dream while also setting out for their most technically ambitious performance to date.

Scene from ‘The Great Gatsby.’ Screenshot courtesy of Virtual Repertory Theatre Collective.

“One of the things that drew us to work on The Great Gatsby is that it tells a love story, which is one of our favorite things to work on, but also that it tells such a compelling story about how the realities of money and class impact the ability to dream. What then do those dreams do to shape a person’s soul,” said Artistic Director Kari Kitts.

“When you have access to everything or nothing, how does that change how you see the world and who you become, how are your goals shaped by what you think you can obtain?” Kitts co-wrote the adaptation with Mitch Macdonald and will also be directing and playing Daisy.

VRTC is noted for their creative use of music, costuming, and vivid backgrounds, but with Gatsby they are raising the bar.

Scene from ‘The Great Gatsby.’ Screenshot courtesy of Virtual Repertory Theatre Collective.

“We are definitely pushing the limits of what Zoom has to offer. The variety of backgrounds, sound, and music cues we are weaving into the performance will make for a truly distinct experience, and with the talented cast we have helming this project we are beyond excited,” said Macdonald, who is also directing and playing Jay Gatsby. “The Great Gatsby has left an immeasurable mark on the world since it first came out, so we are proud to be able to bring it to life in such a new and vibrant way!”

As temperatures continue to climb, staying inside and staying cool provides a delicious escape and a virtual theater show can be enjoyed from your home. Whether for a date night, to spend time with friends virtually, or just to enjoy on one’s own, a virtual theater experience is always a fun treat.

VRTC’s production of The Great Gatsby features performances by Mitch Macdonald, Kari Kitts, Jason Dollar, Fred Cremer, Rachel Rhodes, Deva Wiloth, Megan James, Jared Vega, and Puneet Kuldeep Bajwa. Gatsby is directed by Kari Kitts, Mitch Macdonald and Fred Cremer with the original adaptation of the script done by Kari Kitts and Mitch Macdonald.

The Great Gatsby, presented by Virtual Repertory Theatre Collective, plays Saturday, July 31, 2021, at 8:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm PT and Sunday, August 1, at 4:00 pm ET / 1:00 pm PT. Tickets are $5 and available online.

About The Virtual Repertory Theatre Collective

VRTC was founded December 29, 2020. We are a fully virtual, bicoastal theater company. We exist to provide a safe place for performers to work, to empower actors with creative input, and to use the new technology tools to deliver art to the people. We are interested in challenging the status quo for what it means to be a theater, how actors choose their work and what theater in the 21st century looks like.

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