Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: ‘The Goddess Diaries’ by Carol Campbell

The cast of 'The Goddess Diaries.'

The Goddess Diaries began as an experiment.  Several women were asked to write about a specific milestone in their life as part of a Winter Solstice performance at a local church.  Borrowing from the Western European agricultural wheel of the year, each monologue represents a time in the growing/harvest season; likewise, each season is a metaphor for each woman’s life event. From a first visit to the gynecologist to surviving bridal registries and bad husbands, the storytellers range in age from 11 to 66. The Diaries were launched in Jan 2010 as a fundraising vehicle, raising money and awareness for women-based charities in the DC area.

The Goddess Diaries plays at The Mountain Theatre – 900 Massachusetts Ave., NW, in Washington, DC.


FR 7/13 8:00PM
SA 7/14 9:45PM
WE 7/18 6:15PM
SU 7/22 5:30PM
SA 7/28 2:00PM

Check out their website.



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