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Adventure Theatre staff allege unfair pay and unsafe working conditions

Harmful employment practices have resulted in resignations. Artistic Director Chil Kong and Interim Executive Director Jeanne Ellinport respond.

Caleen Sinnette Jennings on writing for solo performance at 1st Stage

The playwright shares the backstory of 'Wanda's Way,' her one-woman play about a Black police officer.

A visit with the 4615 Theatre ensemble getting ready to rage...

Their original cabaret, 'tempered,' promises to be cathartic art.

Who’s the one with blue hair in ‘Hot Wing King’? A...

In the Pulitzer Prize–winning play now at Studio, the brilliant local actor plays a gender-nonconforming gay Black male who has found a new family.

2022 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Pretty Messy Love’

A one-woman cabaret show about finding true love in the real world.

A first look at Folger’s magical ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the...

The whimsical comic tale told on an enchanting new stage.

2022 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Sadec 1965: A Love Story’

A solo storytelling performance best described as 'Motorcycle Diaries' meets 'Eat, Pray, Love' set in Vietnam.

Rorschach Theatre’s mind-blowing ‘Chemical Exile’ goes live July 7

The new performance style offers a wonderful conglomeration of storytelling, imagination, originality, and adventure.

Benjamin Benne on queer love and Christian faith in Mosaic’s ‘In...

The playwright says healing and humor are central to his rom-com about reconciling identities.

How Baritone Javier Arrey prepared to play a pre-#MeToo cad

When first cast as the Count in Maryland Lyric Opera’s sparkling production of 'The Marriage of Figaro,' he thought the guy was evil.

2022 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Green Machine’

A Mt. Pleasant marijuana 'gifting' shop offers a window into the vast changes in the District.

2022 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘Mary’

A comedic drama that explores a teacher's romantic journey as she faces questions about her religious beliefs.

2022 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘The Body Show’

A live storytelling show where people in all types of bodies can share their triumphs, frustrations, and realizations.

2022 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘The Day Salvador Allende Died’

A fictional play based on facts is about his feelings and thoughts on that fateful day, September 11, 1973.

What it means ‘When Boys Exhale’: A Q&A with Anthony Green

The writer-director explains why his play about young Black gay men is titled after the movie about Black women friends.

Jocelyn Bioh on what’s so funny about ‘Nollywood Dreams’ at Round...

The playwright calls the rom-com a 'love letter' to the 'scrappy' West African film industry.

Solas Nua’s ‘Maz and Bricks’ and the war on abortion rights

Underscoring the power of art to address controversy and national crisis, the production warrants serious and major attention.

As Spooky Action Theater digs in, artists and staff members quit

Amid charges of toxic leadership, the board puts Artistic Director Richard Henrich on leave... but only from certain duties.

Josh Sticklin on a pandemic pivot for Keegan’s Boiler Room Series

Now streaming, the series invites audiences to step inside the process of new play development.

Tina Fabrique talks about ‘Marys Seacole’ at Mosaic

The Broadway actor and singer—known for her roles as Ma Rainey and Ella Fitzgerald—on the most sophisticated play she's ever been in.