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A fun and moving ‘Ghost the Musical’ at Riverside Center for...

With outstanding performances all around, it's a memorable evening of entertainment.

‘Our Black Death,’ a fun fable from Taffety Punk, asks: Can...

A comical adult fairy tale with powerful and poetic implications for anyone in love in the face of mortality.

‘Heroes of the Fourth Turning’ at Studio shocks the system

We get to hear how conservative Catholics think, and the experience is mind-blowing.

Every kid’s a hero in ‘The Hero of Everything’ at InterAct...

And several jokes in the script went over the heads of the little ones but elicited guffaws from the caregivers.

An uproarious ‘Night With Jackie “Moms” Mabley’ from Essential Theatre

The humor in this one-woman show will make you laugh your worries away.

An immigrant family’s grief and joy meet in ‘Nine Night’ at...

A popular triumph in London, Natasha Gordon’s beautiful debut play centers on a Jamaican funerary tradition of celebration and reverence.

Landless Theatre’s compact ‘Camelot’ comes with big voices

A well-rounded cast of 10 talented actors delights the audience and honors most of the beloved characters and well-known songs.

Now boarding at gate 1619, a hilarious ‘Ain’t No Mo’’ from...

The show, deeply rooted in its Blackness, is at its core a satire built upon the Black American experience.

An unforgetable elephant haunts ‘Mlima’s Tale’ by Lynn Nottage at 1st...

Mlima’s magnificence is given powerful embodiment by actor Jeremy Keith Hunter, whose deeply committed performance anchors this production.

‘Ghost the Musical’ comes to afterlife at Toby’s Dinner Theatre

Despite some flaws in the musical, Toby's does a good job with it, and there is a great deal of talent on display.

Strong performances center ‘Circle Mirror Transformation’ at Silver Spring Stage

A class of acting students act out life-changing dramas.

In ‘Dinner and Cake’ at Everyman Theatre, a tense culture-clash satire

Tuyết Thị Phạm’s sardonic family drama echoes 'Look Who's Coming to Dinner.'

An arresting and breathtaking ‘Host & Guest’ at Synetic Theater

The physical theater's season opener explores the danger of leaders who raise armies in the destruction of an 'other.'

Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Mass’ at Kennedy Center a fiery force to behold

Restaging centers complexities of faith amid contemporary chaos.

‘Milo the Magnificent’ at The Puppet Co. delights kids and grownups...

When the would-be magician does tricks, weird and wonderful things happen.

‘Treachery Lies & Deception’ journeys through betrayal, heartache, redemption

Mental health, domestic violence, and the healing power of forgiveness are central themes in this relatable show.

Best Medicine Rep’s ‘The Trip’ is fresh, female, and funny

The comedy about a cross-country journey is written, directed, designed, acted, and crewed almost entirely by women.

GALA delivers a daring update of ‘Revoltosa (The Troublemaker)’

The 1897 zarzuela — a farce about couples at different ages and stages of love — gets an experimental-musical treatment and is a must-see for theater lovers.

‘Nightsong of Orpheus’ from IN Series is a magnificent musical spectacle

A magical and hopeful evening of storytelling using traditions of Noh theater.

In ‘Prepare for Democracy!’ Teddy Roosevelt would like a few words...

DC theater veteran B. Stanley returns to the stage as the fast-talking spirit of the former president — because 'Our democracy is in a dire strait.'