Coming to the Capital Fringe Festival: ‘Making Love Legal’ by Sara Schabach

Making Love Legal by Carl Frandsen is a farce. It takes place in Old Jerusalem in 1968, 9 months after the Six Day War. A Muslim man and his 9 month pregnant Jewish girlfriend are desperate to marry before their baby is born so that he will be a legitimate child. This is a special play. Two days after taking on this project, our first sitting President announced in a national interview that he believes in same-sex marriage. It is something that everyone is talking about right now. And we forget that there are areas in our world that people cannot marry if they are not of the same faith or ethnicity. The messege of this play is clear. Love will always find a way.
That being said, our author is also very special. Carl is 77 years old. He is also partially paralyzed.  He gets around with the use of a walker, but it takes him some time. He has traveled to meet me from MD into Virginia and DC. He climbed three flights of stairs for a meeting in my apartment, and when we were finished, he made it down those three flights of stairs. With very little help, mind you. This is the first time he has been involved in the Fringe and he is beyond excited! This is a man who has not given up on having a fulfilling life, full of travel and culture just because of a severe handicap. He should be a hero to us all.
Tues. July 17th at 6pm
Sat. July 21st at 7:30pm,
Sat July 28th at Noon.
The location is the Warehouse Theatre.
Purchase tickets here starting June 18th.
I have a dynamite cast. People will be rolling in the aisles!


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