Coming to the Capital Fringe Festival: “Dreams in the Arms of the Binding Lady” by Izumi Ashizawa

Trapped in the intertwined web of seduction, these are the dreams that the entangled man saw in the arms of the Binding Lady.

Jyorogumo=Binding Lady: Japanese spider species Nephila clavata.

According to some Japanese legends, a Binding Lady can change its appearance into a seductive woman who entices a man into a quiet shack and binds her victim in spider silk threads.

Three episodes are portrayed in the frame of one man’s dream world. Things constantly metamorphose in front of the audience, and the line between real and unreal becomes ambiguous. Grotesque and beauty coexist sometimes harmoniously and sometimes with high tension in the imageries of “Dreams in the Arms of the Binding Lady”. The performance possesses an atmospheric quality of Japanese ghost story and ritualistic ceremony that invites the viewer into an ethereal state of mind. Original music score and chanting with a transformative spider web set  that functions as a big puppet stimulate the audience’s imagination.

Purchase tickets here starting on June 18th.

Venue: The Studio Theatre’s Milton Theatre

Jul 13th 9:00 PM
Jul 14th 1:00 PM
Jul 15th 12:00 PM
Jul 15th 6:30 PM


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