Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: ‘HeLovedtheSoftPornOfTheCity’ by Kristen Williams

HeLovedTheSoftPornOfTheCity is a classical punk opera exploring the life and music of Skovgaard, a Danish composer. Morten ‘Skovgaard’ Danielsen, already a celebrated artist, sought out the creative influences behind the band Moderno Trio. He visited their home in the Catskill Mountains, and lived and wrote music with them.

After he finished his magnum opus, he died.

Moderno Trio: Allan Von Schenkel, Kristen Williams, and James Wesley Edwards. Photo by Andy Kainz Photography.

Come celebrate his life and his music with us. He considered both Bach and Kurt Cobain to be some of his muses. He took inspiration from Paris Hilton, and from Che Guevara. HeLovedTheSoftPornOfTheCity is as eclectic as his was, full of loud, exciting dissonance juxtaposed with thoughtful, poignant and psychedelic lyrics and themes.

“Look tilting your head.”

The show is a multi-media experience, with constantly evolving stage design, dance elements, and a film depicting a normal (if it can be called that) day in the life of Skovgaard while he lived at the artists’ sanctuary in upstate New York.   Those who knew him and love him produced the film; so it is moving. Please bring your tissues

Warehouse Theatre
645 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC


Purchase tickets above or online, or at Fort Fringe – 607 New York Avenue, in Washington, DC, or call (866) 811-4111.
Moderno Trio website.


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