Coming to The Capital Fringe Festival: ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ presented by Clown Cabaret by Rich Potter

This brainchild of the three producers of Clown Cabaret’s monthly shows is a new narrative about reaching for the stars and spectacular failure. A classically trained actor, a pompous clown and a reluctant emcee try to create epic theater. The show devolves into Shakespeare, pies, and laughter. As the action progresses, so do the mayhem and absurdity.

The thin line between success and failure is explored as homage is paid to Vaudeville, Shakespeare, Film Noir, and French Surrealism. This show explores the past, present, and future of the Clown.

Matthew Pauli, Karen Beriss and Rich Potter formed Clown Cabaret in 2010 as a laboratory for physical comedy in the Nation’s Capital. True to its purpose, Delusions of Grandeur has emerged from the opportunities provided from this environment. This is the first, and certainly not the last production to emerge from this crucible.

Film Noir, Shakespeare and Vaudeville are lovingly skewered by this bumpy journey through the soul’s passion in Clown Cabaret’s Delusions of Grandeur. (L to R) Karen Beriss, Matthew Pauli and Rich Potter.

The Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar
607 NY Avenue NW, in Washington DC

Purchase tickets by clicking on the performance you want to see:

Jul 15th 5:00 PM
Jul 19th 9:00 PM
Jul 24th 8:30 PM
Jul 25th 6:00 PM
Jul 28th 2:15 PM

Or go to the Capital Fringe Delusions of Grandeur show page.


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