If I Could Only See 25 Shows at The Capital Fringe Festival… by Joel Markowitz

A friend called me yesterday and said, “I only have time to see 25 shows at this year’s Fringe, so what do you recommend?”

After reading the wonderful Fringe Previews that Fringe participants graciously wrote for DCMTA readers, attending the Fringe press preview get-together, and knowing that my friend is a music, dance, comedy, politics, and opera lover, and that nothing gets his juices flowing like a story of  someone who overcomes hardships and adversity, I recommended these following shows to him.

But first, let me say that I believe that we are in for the best Capital Fringe Festival ever. The diversity of this year’s shows is a wonder to behold!

Here we go in alphabetical order:

(1) 3rd Annual ‘Fool For All’: Tales of Food and Mozzarella.

(2) A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup.

(3) A Year of Giving.

(4) Beertown.

(5) Cabaret XXX: Love the One You’re With.

(6) Children of the Mist: A Horror Opera.

(7) DC Trash.

(8) Domino’s Pizza Saved My Life.

(9) Donna Has a Boyfriend.

(10) Dreams in the Arms of the Binding Lady.

(11) Fallen Angels.

(12) Blanche: The Bittersweet Life of a Wild Prairie Dame.

(13) Jesus le MOMO.

(14) Mindset.

(15) Paul Gonsalves on the Road.

(16) President Harding is a Rock Star.

(17) The Pundit.

(18) Pushing Boundaries.

(19) Superhero Celebrity Rehab: The Musical.

(20) Stone Age Recreation: An Operetta.

(21) The Brontes.

(22) The City of God – A New Opera.

(23) The Outcasts of Poker Flat: A Chamber Opera.

(24) Thomas is Titanic.

(25) Where in the World? The Untold Story of Camilla Sanfrancisco.

Luckily I am not in my friend’s position and I plan to see many more than these 25 productions.

I wish everyone involved in this year’s 130+ productions much success, cooler weather, and sold out performances.

Enjoy this year’s Capital Fringe offerings and ‘Fringe Away!’


Read my interview with Julianne Brienza.

Fringe Peviews on DCMTA.

The Capital Fringe Festival’s website.

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Joel Markowitz
Joel Markowitz is the Publisher and Editor of DCMetroTheaterArts. He founded the site with his brother Bruce to help promote the vast riches of theatre and the arts in the DC Metro area that includes Maryland, Virginia, and DC theater and music venues, universities, schools, Children's theaters, professional, and community theatres. Joel is an advocate for promoting the 'stars of the future' in his popular 'Scene Stealers' articles. He wrote a column for 5 years called ‘Theatre Schmooze’ and recorded podcast interviews for DC Theatre Scene. His work can also be seen and read on BroadwayStars. Joel also wrote a monthly preview of what was about to open in DC area theatres for BroadwayWorld. He is an avid film and theater goer, and a suffering Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan. Joel was a regular guest on 'The Lunch and Judy Show' radio program starring Judy Stadt in NYC. Joel founded The Ushers Theatre Going Group in the DC area in 1990, which had a 25-year run when it took its final curtain call last year. Joel is a proud member of The American Critics Association.


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