Capital Fringe Review: ‘Girls Who Think They’re Hot’ by Julia L. Exline

“What you have just seen may be called by the easily-shocked, ‘shocking.’”

Ritchie Porter directs this madcap mockumentary where 1950’s princess Poppy Topp (Clare Lefebure) finds herself intrigued by a new (and dangerous) concept: surrealism! Introduced to the notion by her peculiar peer Skrunk (Clare Koenig), Poppy soon finds herself walking around with pencils sticking out of her ears and pouring over Dali prints with the enthusiasm of a drug addict. Will her horrified parents and straightedge boyfriend Biff Bosco (Raphael Grimes) be able to shake her out of this nonsensical funk? A charming Narrator (Michael Novello) manages to keep the plotline from getting too out of control, though you should prepare yourself to be purposefully confused at any given moment. It’s silly but a lot of fun!

And don’t ask for a glass of lemonade, because you will just be handed a potted plant.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.



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