Capital Fringe Review: ‘Occupy This! Tales of an Accidental Activist ‘ by Amanda Vicari

A mix between stand up comedy, motivational speaking, and traditional story telling, Occupy This! Tales of an Accidental Activist is a simple yet interesting journey from the entertaining and likable Reverend Nudge. For those of us who were unable or unwilling to brave the streets during the Occupy movement, Reverend Nudge take us on a ride from his humorous entry into the Occupy Wall Street (handing out buttons in support of his 2011 Preacherman) through personal struggles with death, money, career, and family that culminates with his involvement at the Occupy Detroit camp.

If Reverend Nudge wasn’t such a sincere speaker, this play could have bordered on monotonous. Luckily his details were always purposeful – building a satisfying world rich with detail around his main narrative. Fascinating depictions of the camp made up of half homeless and half tech savvy activists paint a picture from the ground level of the movement in Detroit that was not seen on television or written about in the papers. It is with these personal accounts that Reverend Nudge creates an intricately woven commentary on the occupy movement, the financial crisis, the plight of the middle class, and the power of empathy and community.


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