Capital Fringe Review: ‘Cupcake Cabaret: A Brief History of “Bad” Women’ by Julia L. Exline

If you’re hoping for some impressive dance moves in Cupcake Cabaret, then don’t let those hopes get too high.

When an older, conservative woman (Julie Chapin as Sherry Somebody) discovers that her husband is cheating, her friend Belinda Fadlelmola (Delainia Duboix) takes her to a burlesque club for reasons only known to herself. Three dancers (Lola Rose, Patsi Cake, and Cwen L’Queer, as themselves) then give this woman “advice” through dance, such as compromise, submission, or rejection.

The dance moves are hardly complex, the plot is flimsy and redundant (I wish I had a quarter for every time Belinda shrieks, “dump his ass!”) and the cat-calls and hooting from the mostly-male audience as the girls strip down to their pasties is a bit unsettling. Burlesque, when done with exceptional talent and a solid framework for a plot, can be enthralling, but this insubstantial design just seemed like a seedy excuse for debauchery.


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