Capital Fringe Review: ‘Fringe Review: ‘Men Don’t Listen to Naked Women’ By Julia Exline

In Men Don’t Listen to Naked Women, performer Monique Holt throws in a pinch of everything—hilarious stand-up, friendly audience interaction, impeccable mime and playful storytelling. Dynamic, engaging, and extremely expressive, Monique grabs the audience’s attention and awe while Director Tim Chamberlain enthusiastically translates her American Sign Language.

That’s right — Monique is deaf, and yet, this in no way hinders her connection to the audience. If anything, it strengthens the bond. Lit so that her shadow appears in the background, watching her movements is a stunning experience. She takes us through her own unique version of certain stories, like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and the story of Adam and Eve, with help and suggestions from the audience.

Intelligent, creative, and even raunchy at times, an afternoon spent with Monique is well worth the ticket price!

Men Don’t Listen to Naked Women information and showtimes.



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