Capital Fringe Review: ‘My Princess Bride’ by Andrew L. Baughman

Joe Brack is treading on hallowed ground with his production of My Princess Bride, a one-man show inspired by the William Goldman film and novel that is fanatically beloved by generations. Fortunately, writer/performer Brack is so dang good and loves his subject so much, he threatens to become an icon in Princess Bride fandom himself. Brack’s material is not so much a work of parody or commentary as it is a love letter to the franchise, reliving favorite moments from the film, drawing focus to the discrepancies between the film and the book, dissecting sword fights, and explaining how this story has played a special role in his life through some deeply moving personal anecdotes. He knows every beat and nuance of the movie, complete with uncanny impersonations. Some moments of his performance are, I dare say, even better than the movie: after 10 bazillion viewings, turns out you still never understood some of the things that Andre The Giant said, and they were some of the best lines of all.

Joe Brack.

Brack is a tour de force who performs with a specificity that is rarely seen at Fringe.

He makes it look easy. Too easy. This guy is scary.

On multiple occasions, renowned Once-And-Future CapFringe Fanatic of Yore Alan King has informed me that he doesn’t like one-man shows because he prefers productions that create stage pictures with four or more actors. Well, Mr. King, if you’re reading this, please check out what Brack, his remarkable director Matty Griffiths, and the hardest working flashlight in town have achieved over at Gear Box. The Pit of Dispair and the Shrieking Eeels have never been so thrilling. Their staging of The Cliffs of Insanity and the Fire Swamp must be seen to be believed. And, of course, the most incredible theatrical effect of all: the ROUS’s (“Rodents of Unusual Size”).

As one who has seen some of the best productions CapFringe and FringeNYC have offered in recent years, I hope that Brack and Griffiths will take their show on the road. My Princess Bride stands up next to the greatest of them, and it will put DC on the National and International Fringe map. Get your tickets now and be the first to see it, because this show will sell out.


For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.



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