Capital Fringe Review: ‘Sweet Painted Lady’ by Cyle Durkee

Oh, the oldest story in the world. Boy has girl. Girl buys boy’s painting. Boy takes drugs and painting comes to life. Boy has affair with painting. Boy freaks out. Boy overdoses and kills painting.  I mean it’s all over the cave walls of Chauvet and that’s 35,000 years old. What? Those are buffalos?  Oh….I thought they just liked larger women back then.  Ok…my mistake…so maybe not the oldest story in the world, but a damn good one (and please don’t think that I’m saying the girl who plays the painting looks like a buffalo {she’s gorgeous!}).

Reasons Not to See This Show: There are no overwhelming reasons not to see this show.  There are some minor issues (mostly with casting) but they don’t break the show. I will say that it is important to cast people that can act even when casting minor roles (and the role is minor, so it’s easy to gloss over it for the sake of the rest of the show {which is really good}).

Reasons To See the Show:  There are two reasons to see this show. Emily Deveron Vere Nicoll (which is a lot of names) and Michael Perrie Jr. They play the Lady in Blue and Jack respectively (and Michael also wrote the piece).  heir performances are fantastic  Emily moves from sultry to vulnerable to earthy and sarcastic without missing a beat. Each emotional movement is fluid and makes sense to the audience because it obviously makes sense to her. She plays her two dimensional character (she is a painting) with a depth and passion that is startling. Micheal sinks into madness with such small steps and around such tight corners that you take the journey with him without thinking there is really anything wrong. Until you realize that he’s lost it and you wonder how you hadn’t seen it coming. So go see these up and comers roll around the stage in this great new work.


For more information and to purchase tickets, go to our Fringe Preview.


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