Capital Fringe Review: ‘A Night In (Or The Night My Wife Left)’ by Julia L. Exline

LIV Creations presents A Night In (Or The Night My Wife Left), a quirky show about a man who delves into his psyche after he comes home to a half-empty apartment, a vanished wife, and a note that simply states, “I don’t know who you are anymore.”

Reeling from this bombshell, Manny (James Robertson) finds himself visited by his different personas, each represented by a puppet. Entangled in a phone cord, Jackie Reed is great as ‘Yesman,’ a snarky sock-puppet who, despite his argyle-print professionalism, is bitter and disillusioned. Katie Brunberg gets many laughs as “High,” a mellow bong puppet with oversized shades and a hippie hemp beard, and Sarah Morrissey’s energetic “Lookatme” pillow puppet brings forth his bouncy, naïve inner child. Together, this trio helps Manny understand who he has become—and whether or not he is okay with it.

A big aspect of this show that makes it really unique is the use of technology—a projector screen on the back wall that serves as a doorway into Manny’s mind—whether you are seeing exactly what he himself is seeing as he walks around his apartment, or flashbacks of memories of him and his soon-to-be ex-wife. Virtual and real-time work together nicely, and brings an interesting layer of depth and insight to the show.

Eccentric, creative, and different, A Night In (Or The Night My Wife Left) perfectly exemplifies the qualities that the Capital Fringe Festival is all about!


For more information and to purchase tickets go to our Fringe Preview.



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