Capital Fringe Review: Almost, “Almost Maine” by Grace Kim

I’m full of love for Almost, “Almost, Maine’s” actors – Christian Beltran and Mandy Nicole Moore, who sublimely perform 7 different characters each over 7 vignettes about love in relationships. In some of the vignettes, the characters will find love. In others, the characters will lose it. You’ll just have to go see this play to know what happens. But I will tell you what’s beautiful about this play is how well the actors performed their particular roles in each of the vignettes–their range is amazing considering how different each of the characters are in each of the stories.

Christian and Mandy’s delivery and expressions more than aptly tell each story and their performances fill the minimalist stage set.  It’s all quite good because they are only accompanied by a few costume changes, a few props, and a screen dropped only about a quarter of the way down to show a backdrop of a star-filled Maine sky and to flash the title of each vignette.

Based on John Cariani’s play, Almost Maine, In-House Theatre Company’s Almost, “Almost, Maine” will leave you wondering things like: If you could put all of your love for someone in some kind of bag, how many bags would it fill up? Several large trash bags or a small brown paper lunch bag?  There’s more to this than you think.  And if you’ve ever fallen in love with someone so hard that it physically manifested itself in some way – in the play, the characters literally fall down upon realizing they’ve “fallen” in love in one of the vignettes. You’ll chuckle over this and other antics, and though a touch corny, it’s all still charming in it’s delivery.

Don’t miss this showcase of two amazing performers during Capital Fringe 2012.


For more information and to purchase tickets, go to their Capital Fringe show page.


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