Capital Fringe Review: ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ by Cyle Durkee

Delusions of Grandeur is a fun romp through many things clown and a few things Shakespeare (though the only actual monologue comes from Matthew Pauli {and is beautiful}). There is a clownish heist, song, physical comedy, puns, and even a few pies in the face. Towards the end they do a wonderful clown version of Hamlet that will leave you, strangely, with a deeper understanding of the play. It’s a lovely night out.

Reasons Not to See This Show: There’s a few, but not many. If you don’t like long stories that end in puns, don’t see the show (I love them personally {any time I get to groan at an actor on stage and it’s appropriate is a win for me}). If you have trouble following a story because there is no dialogue, don’t see the show (there are several scenes where no one talks {most of which are hilarious}). If it is supposed to be more than 95 degrees don’t see the show (it’s in the tent {dear god, stop putting shows in there}).

Reasons To Go See This Show: Rich Potter is a consummate clowner. He manages to take everything to a level of absurdity that allows laughter at the simplest actions. Matthew Pauli is the second reason to see the show. A classically trained actor, he invest all his moments with clarity and precision that allow us to follow him into the world of the inane without having to leave our sanity behind. And Karen Beriss is lovely as the foil to the two men. She is there as the representative if The Tao of Pooh. She wanders through her scenes seemingly oblivious to the harm she does but always manages to come out on top (if only in her own mind), at least, she always seems to leave the stage smiling. So grab a beer and see the show (actually have three…it’s hot in there)!


For more information and to purchase tickets, go to our Fringe Preview.


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