Jackson Browne With Sara Watkins at Wolf Trap by Mike Spain

It is rare to see the headliner introduce the opening act; however that is exactly what Jackson Browne did Monday night at Wolf Trap when he introduced Sara Watkins. Jackson Browne also sat in for her last two songs of her set adding his vocals and guitar.

Sara Watkins. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

Sara’s 45-minute set featured a steady flow of musicians joining her. She opened her set with “Too Much” and “Same Mistakes” from her first solo album. Her latest release was also well represented as she ended with the song “Take up Your Spade.” Besides the Jackson Browne appearance her set was worth a listen. The talents which helped bring Nickel Creek award-winning success shine through her solo material.

The large crowd was there to see Jackson Browne and he did not disappoint. He played a rather mellow set and claimed he strayed from his set list quite a bit. He opened with “Black and White:” from his Lives in the Balance album. Next he played a beautiful new song “Standing in the Breach” which he followed with “Call it a Loan” from his Hold Out album. Then he played a couple from I’m Alive including the title track and the beautiful “Sky Blue and Black.” He then sang another song “In a Shape of a Heart” before Sara Watkins joined him. She sat n for quite a few songs starting with “A Child in these Hills.” In the spirit of sharing and spotlighting other musicians Jackson Browne allowed guitarist Val McCullum to perform a song called “Tokyo Girl.” Val played electric most of the night and delivered most of the guitar solos. On this song he played acoustic and Sara and Jackson added their backing vocals.

Jackson Browne. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

Of course the highlight of any concert is the singing of classic hits. Browne included “The Pretender” in his set and closed with the classic “Running on Empty.” Closing with this classic song had everyone on their feet. Jackson Browne performed “Take it Easy” for his encore with all the musicians. The song was a hit for The Eagles, but Browne had written the tune with Glenn Frey.

The tour was billed as a solo acoustic one but Jackson Browne brought a few musicians with him. However, the concert had the same type of cozy, vibe. At times it felt like a jam session in your backyard. Browne displayed his acoustic guitar, piano, vocal and songwriting skills throughout the night. He also showed his love for the music and gave the other artists their due. The end result was a great night of music at The Filene Center.

Running Time: Nearly three hours with a 15 minute intermission between Sara Watkins and Jackson Browne’s set.

Jackson Browne with special guest Sara Watkins played one night at Wolf Trap at The Filene Center – 1551 Trap Road, in Vienna, VA. on Monday, July 23, 2012. To view upcoming events at Wolf Trap, check out their calendar.


Jackson Browne’s website
Sara Watkins’ website.



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