2013 Capital Fringe Preview: ‘What It’s Like? One Veterans Tale of Addiction, Survival and PTSD’ by Richard D. Graham Jr.

What It’s Like? One Veterans Tale of Addiction, Survival and PTSD focuses on the experiences of myself, Richard D. Graham Jr., United States Marine Corps. and Persian Gulf War veteran combined with some information from other combat veterans. I began writing poetry as a form of therapy and after the shows director Michelle Banks, with credits of acting in the shows Showtimes Soul Food, Girlfriends, Strong Medicine and her own one woman show Reflections of a Deaf Black Woman, read my work and I told her some of my stories, she asked, “If I had ever thought of writing about my experiences? Maybe I should think about it because she believed that many people could find value in my story.” So I sat down and started to jot down some ideas and before you knew it “What It’s Like?” became a story. In my story I have done my best to include many different aspects, including humor, drama, horror, sadness and hope.

CFWIL Flyer Front (1)

I do perform re-enactments or describe in detail for the stage of my combat and military experiences however my performance mainly focuses on my life after the military. Everything from the feelings of loneliness to nightmares, substance abuse, self-destructive behavior, psychological effects and what effect from the symptoms of PTSD had on my life, including the consequences and repercussions, even in all that I did not leave out the most important part being that there is hope and help can be found for those who seek it. I believe that my story is nothing more than a vessel to help those who seek it and for those with loved ones who suffer as I do where to look. So come see the performance, hear the story and receive some understanding.

812 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
METRO: Gallery Place – Chinatown (Red, Green/Yellow)

SUN 7/14 1:30 PM
FRI 7/19 9:15 PM
7/23 7:15 PM
THU 7/25 7:00 PM
SAT 7/27 6:00 PM





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