2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘Kubrilesque’ by Crystal Swarovski (Director)

Kubrilesque is a chronological parody of the films of Stanley Kubrick, told through burlesque and comedy. Each piece fits together into a cohesive story of a man making his final film. There is some original music, and some remixes from Kubrick’s theme songs.

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Capital Fringe is Kubrilesque’s second Fringe Festival. In 2009, a group of eight performers put the show on at The Prague Fringe Festival, to sold out houses. Today, the show boasts new music and scenes tying the parody pieces together, and with this comes actors and singers. The cast has transformed into a large group of individuals with talents that vary greatly. The performers hail form all over the country, including burlesque hall of fame legend, Gabriella Maze, from South Carolina, Scarlett Letter, a classic burlesque dancer from Los Angeles, GeeGee Louise, a burlesque impersonator and ballerina from Boston, and musical theater performer and performance artist, Ula Uberhousen from New York City, and a bevy of local performers. At the July 20th show, we’ll have a Burlesque bombshell from Milan Italy, Miss Satine.

Stanley Kubrick is an interesting figure to base a show on. His films are layered in depth, and scenes and imagery are memorable for film buffs. To juxtapose a sexy gritty art form as burlesque with Kubrick’s films is an exciting combination, to say the least. Some of the pieces include; a ritualistic masked fan dance, dancers who strip our of monkey suits into patriotic swimsuits, and a memorable homage to The Shining.



At GALA Hispanic Theatre – 3333 14th Street, NW, in Washington, DC.

Thursday July 11th at 7:45pm
Friday July 12th at 10:30pm
Saturday July 13th at 5:15pm
Saturday July 20th at 11:00pm
Thursday July 25th at 8:15pm
Friday July 26th at Midnight
Saturday July 27th at 10:45pm


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