2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘Almost Together’ by Mary Leaphart

When I was in college, my bipolar disorder showed up. It would be twenty years before I knew what to call it. But trust me; this disease did not need a name to wreak total havoc in my life. And even though I didn’t have a name for it yet I had a lot of labels I used to describe it – despair, self-loathing, euphoria, deceit, laziness, hopelessness, ecstasy, crazy…you get the picture.

Mary Leaphart.
Mary Leaphart.

After struggling with this disease for several years and not knowing what it was, finally in 2007, I found a great doctor and got my diagnosis. This began the long and painful journey to find the right medication for me. I spent the next two years swimming through a sea of medications trying to find just the right cocktail. It took time, and a great deal of hard work, but I did eventually find the right combination and most importantly, found an amazing therapist who I visit religiously every two weeks.

Throughout my journey with bipolar, I have always gone back to my music, my singing, as a way to help me cope. I connect with the music in a very deep way and am able to express feelings that I am not normally able to talk about in day to day conversations. Once I realized that, I discovered that I might have a very unique way to share my story.

And that is how Almost Together was born. For the last year I have been putting together a cabaret show about my life with bipolar disorder. I use songs from all different eras and genres that have touched my soul and short monologues between to weave the story of my journey. This July, I am honored to be able to perform my show in the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC.

As I look back through history and see how change has happened, how stigmas have been removed, how stereotypes have been lifted – I see that most change came through simply talking. Talking about what matters most. And what matters most to me is survival – my ability to live a full and abundant life with bipolar disorder. And I want to share that story with everyone who needs to hear it.

I know that I am still, and always will be, on the road to recovery. But I feel that I have come so far in the last several years and I realize that now is the time to finally share my story in a big way. I’m opening up about the truth – not the misconception, not the stigma, not the stereotype – but the raw truth of life with a mental illness.

PERFORMANCES – At Caos on F- 923 F Street NW, in Washington, DC. METRO: Metro Ctr (Blue, Orange, Red), Gallery Place-Chinatown (Green, Yellow, and Red Lines).

Almost Together WEB

Friday, July 12th – Doors open at 11:45pm
Wednesday, July 17th at 7:45pm
Friday, July 19th at 5:15pm
Tuesday, July 23rd at 6:45pm
Friday, July 26th at 11:15pm
Sunday, July 28th at 5:45pm

 PURCHASE TICKETS HERE, OR Call (866) 811-4111.


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