Capital Fringe Review: “The D.C. State Players Present Agamemnon” by Andrew L. Baughman

There is a new titan in the DC Theatre community, and his name is Tonee Bollocks. Bollocks is the Artistic Director of The D.C. State Players, and together with his dashing Producer Gabriel Sweetbottom, the team is poised to redefine our very notion of “good theatre” with their cutting edge production of Agamemnon.

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The magic element that makes DCSP’s Agamemnon a masterpiece is the struggle of this company, and I’m not just talking about the common Fringe struggles of minimal set storage, limited tech rehearsal, and strict timekeeping. I dare say so many things went wrong at tonight’s performance that the D.C. State Players transcended total disaster to a state of Artistic Nirvana.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Bollocks and Sweetbottom themselves stepped into the performance, which turned out to be an unexpected delight as the pair have undeniable chemistry and rapport. A.J. Calbert brings urban realism to the title role of Agamemnon. As Clytemnestra, Ashley San bares her soul and leaves a piece of it on the GALA Theatre Stage. Briana Manente and Brianna Meriweather make more of their Chorus roles than any actor has ever achieved in this work.

It would be foolish to credit the actors for these magnificent performances, however, because every aspect of the piece has Bollocks written all over it (including script adaptation, direction, choreography, lighting, sound, marketing, scenic design, construction, and “blessing”). Mr. Bollocks gives us an Agamemnon for today, deftly fusing Greek tragedy with the finer aesthetics of WWF and Showgirls.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the D.C. State Players in their debut production. Mark my words, within three years you will come to  recognize that all DC Theatre is Bollocks. For me, it already is.

Running Time: 55 minutes.

The DC State Players Present Agamemnon plays through July 20, 2013 at GALA Hispanic Theatre at Tivoli – 3333 14th Street NW, in Washington, DC. For performance times and to purchase tickets, visit the show’s Capital Fringe page.

Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘The DC State Players Present Agamemnon’ by Gabriel Swee.


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