Capital Fringe Review: ‘Pitchin’ the Tent: Tia Nina Live at Baldacchino’ by Rick Westerkamp

Are you a fan of rock concerts, but you don’t have enough leeway in your budget to pay Verizon Center prices to see the big names? FEAR NOT concert enthusiast, because Pitchin’ the Tent: Tia Nina Live at Baldacchino is an out of this world modern dance meets performance art take on a rock concert, featuring the fabulous and fearless members of Tia Nina: J Can Stone (Leah Curran Moon), Ilana Silverstein(Ilana Silverstein), and Sticks (Lisi Stoessel). These three goddesses of rock ‘n’ roll will have you dancing in and out of your seat with their tour de force choreography and performances.

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Through a serious of vignettes, the striking ladies of Tia Nina explore the give and take of energy between rock stars and their audiences and the arousal that comes with some songs, to name a few. Through their distinct and witty characterizations, the three rock goddesses inhabit the tendency of some rock stars who know they’re cool and show it, the select stars who get so lost in their performances that you cannot help but rock along with them, and the stars who don’t care if they’re cool, act a fool, and end up being cool for not caring one way or the other.

Curran Moon’s J Van Stone is at times coy and cute. She’s that rockstar with a sense of humor, who isn’t afraid to give the audience a little wink or a nudge every once in a while. Silverstein’s Sammy Rain is the physical embodiment of cool. She is the star who knows she’s a star, and when she performs she is a queen looking out at her subjects. Stoessel’s Sticks is an edgy rock star, who is very in touch with her sexuality. Her confidence verges on aggressive and you know you wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. Whether performing solo, in various duets, or trios, Curran Moon, Silverstein, and Stoessel command the attention of the audience from the top of the show, and give 110% commitment and life to their performances for the entirety of the hour long program, until they crash to the floor of the stage at the end of the performance.

The Baldacchino Tent is the perfect venue for this rock concert, what with its intimate atmosphere. The in your face aspect of this venue works to Tia Nina’s advantage. Brian Allard’s lighting is magnificent, especially when it pulsates along to the addicting sound score, by Eric Shimelonis, Nicolas Laget, Michael Moon, John Lanou, Eduardo Santana III, Troy Herion, Curran Moon, and Silverstein. Deb Sivigny’s marvelous costuming is absolutely fabulous, encapsulating each band member’s personality perfectly.

If you’re a die hard concert fan on a budget, catch Pitchin’ the Tent: Tia Nina Live at Baldacchino, because there isn’t a bad seat in the house, $17 is far more manageable than any Verizon Center price, and these ladies are bringing the house down with sass and style!!

Running Time: 60 minutes.

Pitchin’ the Tent: Tia Nina LIve at Baldacchino performs through July 27, 2013 at Fort Fringe – Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar – 607 New York Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC. For show times and to purchase tickets, visit their Capital Fringe Page.


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