Capital Fringe Review: ‘A Guide to Dancing Naked’ by Bev Fleisher

Sit down girl; we’ve got to talk! When did you last really see those mmm-mmm legs or that gorgeous curve of your shoulder? Probably not since you were a child who relished the freedom of stripping off your clothes to run through the sprinkler.

sixteen (92)

Brynn Tucker’s solo performance feels like a personal conversation. The hour spent learning the rules of dancing naked combines her personal narrative, outrageously beautiful dancing. and instructions for a simple dance that could be a starter for anyone. All with her clothes on.Tucker hosts a dance party with the audience after the show and the most extra skin revealed by a participant was a man who abandoned his shoes.

The take-home message is that you’ve got to make friends with your body and enjoy it no matter what shows up in the mirror. Naked is purely a metaphor for exposing and melding your inner and outer selves. Not necessarily nude. In private. With the music you love.  ucker’s method for rekindling your friendship with your body is to is to move to music in any way you feel: dancing even for those who don’t think they can dance.

One’s enjoyment of the performance/audience participation is likely to be tied to your relationship with your body and how open you are to new ideas. While some shrank in horror when asked to mimic a few simple moves, like pointing with one finger to the beat of the music, others leapt at the chance to shake it at the small private dance after-party. With their clothes on. With no rules to follow

If you’re open to the experience, A Guide to Dancing Naked will earn an enthusiastic five stars in your book. It has in mine.

Running Time:  60 minutes.

How to Dance Naked is directed by Hunter Styles with lighting design by Brittany Diliberto and choreography assistance by Trent D. Williams. Brynn Tucker is the performer, playwright, and choreographer.

How to Dance Naked plays through Saturday, July 27, 2013 at The Gearbox – 1021 7th Street, NW, in Washington D.C.  For performance information and to purchase tickets, go to the show’s Capital Fringe page.




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