Capital Fringe Review: ‘Misconception: The Lost Gospel of Christmas’ by Mariya Danilenko

Misconception: The Lost Gospel of Christmas is a satirical musical by Mark Swanson about the birth of baby Jesus. To give you an idea about this craziness: the opening song is called “Who’s Your Baby Daddy.” The great thing about this musical is that the cast, except those who play the three wise men, are singing hilarious lyrics in a serious tone of voice. In the beginning, during the song “On to Bethlehem,” Joseph (Sean Prouty) sings to Mary (Andrea Collins): “Get your ass upon my ass and get our asses out of town” in a completely grave manner while pointing to a chorus member who is on all fours, chewing cud, pretending to be their ass. During another song called “BC”, the three Wise Men (Michael Fortino, Nick Brush, and Keith Manasco) explain that BC does not stand for “Before Christ”; it stands for birth control. The musical is filled with gags like that and the Wise Men are the funniest characters of all, always pushing innuendos, either with their lines or their body language.


The set is simple: there are no props save for a bench on either side of the stage for the choir/chorus to stand and sing on. There are audience seats around three sides of the stage, and this was the show’s principle flaw: I did not sit directly in front of the stage but on the right side, because of this it was hard to see; the cast mostly faces one side of the audience. The costumes, made by Jenifer Grundy-Hollett, and Mary Beth Westbrook, are traditional ancient ‘Bethlehem’ robes.

Misconception is a great satirical musical. If you can’t and couldn’t get tickets to The Book Of Mormon, be wise and check this one out. It’s cheaper, more heavenly, and you’ll have a divine time!

Running Time: 70 minutes.

Misconception: The Lost Gospel Of Christmas plays through July 21, 2013 at The Studio Theatre (stage 4) – 1501 14th Street NW, in Washington, DC. For performance times and to purchase tickets, visit the show’s Capital Fringe page.

2013 Capital Fringe Show Preview: ‘Misconception: The Lost Gospel of Christmas’ by Mark Swanson.



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