Ian Anderson at Wolf Trap by Erica Laxson

Wolf Trap is known for hosting some of the best musicians of all time and last night was no exception. Professional wizard of the flute, Ian Anderson, graced the stage with all the trappings of a Jethro Tull show to play the complete “Thick As A Brick 1 & 2.” For long time fans of their music, it was a dream come true, but even the youngest audience members were enthralled by the lyrical music, Anderson’s infamous fancy flamingo footwork, and the delightful use of modern technology to bridge the gap between generations.

Ian Anderson. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.
Ian Anderson. Photo courtesy of Wolf Trap.

Anderson led us through the poetic journey of Gerald Bostock as both a child with dreams  and as a grown man exploring the options he could have taken in life. By performing both Thick As A Brick 1 & 2, we were able to delve into the musical world behind the songs with the guidance of a real life Gerald Bostock accompanying Anderson around the stage. The shadow flutist fit Anderson’s distinct style and helped us visualize the story behind each song.

In an inspired move, Anderson’s show featured a unique combination of multi-media surprises projected onto Wolf Trap’s immense screen. The use of still photography, video footage, and even a ‘live’ appearance by a guest musician via Skype wowed the crowd. The connection of classic music and modern technology brought a new level of enjoyment to the concert experience, though those on the lawn had a hard time seeing some of the projections.

A memorable moment came when Anderson paused the show to promote awareness for Prostate Cancer and humorously discussed the importance of being screened. The band Anderson has assembled to play some of Jethro Tull’s most popular music performed as if they were channeling all the original members. From the wicked drum solos to the incredibly talented guitarists and keyboard player, each song felt like a living, breathing anthem to their love of music.

5 stars for a beautiful musical performance with one of history’s greatest musicians, and a toe tapping evening of great songs you’ll love to experience.

Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson Plays Thick as a Brick 1 & 2 was performed on July 16, 2013 for one night only at Wolf Trap -1645 Trap Road, in Vienna, VA. For future performances and Information, call (877) 965-3872, or check their calendar of events. For tickets to future Ian Anderson shows, visit them online.

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Erica Laxson
Erica Laxson hails from a small town in rural Colorado, but with a mother from the Big Apple, arts and culture have always been important in her life. Throughout her time at Drexel University earning a BS in Screening Writing and Playwriting, she wrote and produced two feature length plays, three short films and countless local commercials in both Denver and Philadelphia, as well as had a role in the Cannes award winning short Hushed. She currently works in new media creating online video content and is working on her first novel when not enjoying the DC theatre scene. For more information, visit her online at erlaxson.com


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