‘Seussical’ at Reisterstown Theatre Project


If you open your mind, oh the things you will find waiting to get loose!

When you attend the Reisterstown Theatre Project’s musical about Seuss!

Springing lively to the stage, in a full vibrant musical

Is a clever fun story, why it’s a musical called Seussical!

Directed by Thaddaeus Fillmore and Lynn Graham for Musical Direction

This production has some quirks but is very close to perfection.

With a whole crew of volunteers creating costumes and set

Fillmore’s vision of Seuss is the best you will get!

There’s an enormous top hat that is fit for a cat

Where these imaginative characters make their entrance like that!

The costumes are magical, a visual delight

Every color of the rainbow and more in plain sight!

Horton the Elephant (Eric Besbris) and Gertrude McFuzz (Andy Kay Wojciehowski). Photo by Tiffany Beam.
Horton the Elephant (Eric Besbris) and Gertrude McFuzz (Andy Kay Wojciehowski). Photo by Tiffany Beam.

There are great whacky costumes for every crafty jungle creature

All the styles true to Seuss, that’s what this company features!

Director Thaddaeus Fillmore makes a bold and curious choice too—

Making the little pouch animal a puppet voiced by Sour Kangaroo!

The one teensy problem and throughout the show it does last

Is that the mighty live orchestra overpowers the cast.

Conducted by Matt Elky, it’s a full-swelling sound

But please, Mr. Elky, there’s enough to go round!

Some songs move a little bit slower than they should

But for the most part, Mr. Elky’s orchestra is quite good!

Now imagine if you can, for a moment take this stance

A musical, like Seussical without any dance!

Thankfully you don’t have to entertain that thought of misery

For this show has dancing thanks to Choreographer Kristin Rigsby.

Rigsby keeps the dances very simple yet exciting

Why some of her dances are truly delighting!

The Hunches especially, moving with jazz guiding their feet

Make Rigsby’s Choreography a delectable treat!

Oh what talent you’ll find in this performance so great

With a limited run, best hurry and make a date!

There’s singing and dancing and acrobatics to see

A little bit of everything for ages one to 93

Why the tumbling acrobatics of Thing 2(Delancey D’Amico & Tamara Hurwitz) and Thing 1

With this energetic duo you’ll have cartwheels of fun!

And the incredibly deep sound that is heard near the very end of the play

Rises from Yertle the Turtle (Ben Garber) a belt of bass that will make your day.

So many people doing such wonderful things

What an incredible sound when they start to all sing

With numbers like “Oh the Things You Can Think” and “Chasing the Whos”

Everything’s so upbeat, I promise, you won’t get the blues!

There might be some time here to mention a few

Of the singers who standout in this production they do

There’s Tiffany Beam who plays Miss Sour Kangaroo

And as mentioned before, she plays her pouch cub too!

With a bitter attitude, more tart than all the rest

Beam really stands out when making her sour citizen’s arrest!

What a name on this character, after saying it your tongue will need a long soak

It’s General Genghis Kahn Schmitz (John Gurtshaw) and this man is no joke!

Gurtshaw runs his regime like a militant man, barking orders at Whos all throughout the land.

He’s tough and he’s nasty, a real grumpy schmuck, especially when fighting for toast with butter-side up!

Let’s not overlook Mayzie (Heather Fillmore) one over-the-top bird

Miss Fillmore plays this role different, she hardly sings a word.

But her attitude, oh my, what a great job she does

In proving her character is more amazing than poor Gertrude McFuzz.

Miss Fillmore sashays and salsas all over the stage

Her character is the type that could use its own page!

But we must move on and talk of the other birds in this show

Like Gertrude McFuzz (Andy Kay Wojciehowski) whose story is woe.

Wojciehowski has a beautiful songbird like voice

When she gets to singing the audience does rejoice.

Her patter is clear for her speedy intro to songs

And her voice is crystalline when notes she holds long.

“For You” is a solo with serene tranquility she completes

Even if she says her characters has quite pitiful tweets.

Singing together with Horton (Eric Besbris) makes for quite a delight

You could listen to that pair sing together all night.

Their voices meld together in harmony so delicate and full

That their songs do bring peace throughout the Jungle of Nool.

Besbris has a voice that’s crystal clear like a bell

And he sings with emotion, his heart in his voice, you can tell.

His rich voice excels to perfection in many a solo

But his best work is in duet with the little Who JoJo.

JoJo (Logan Dubel) has quite a wonderful sound

A pure bright voice that is heard all around!

Dubel and Besbris share “Alone in the Universe” a dulcet duet

That will lull you to sleep, but don’t worry, not yet!

They also sing livelier, sprightly tunes throughout the show

But you won’t get to hear them if you simply don’t go!

Horton the Elephant is not the only character with whom Dubel shares a duet

The Cat in the Hat (Megan D'Alesandro) and The Things (Delancey D'Amico and Tamara Hurwitz). Photo by Tiffany Beam.
The Cat in the Hat (Megan D’Alesandro) and The Things (Delancey D’Amico and Tamara Hurwitz). Photo by Tiffany Beam.

There’s only one more character that we haven’t mentioned yet

And I’ll bet that by now you’re about ready to take a good guess at

Which character’s left— it’s Megan D’Alesandro playing the Cat in the Hat!

She sings and she dances, she slides and she prances, a true charismatic charmer in a vest

Razzle-dazzling with songs like “How Lucky You Are” D’Alesandro is simply the best!

“It’s Possible” is that duet that she shares with JoJo

And together their voices making your imagination a Go-Go!

The smooth jazzy styles D’Alesandro takes to using

For “Havin’ a Hunch” she’s a cat quite amusing.

There are so many wonderful things to say about this fun loving show

But the best way to say it is to say “Go and see it, just go!”

It’s a very short run, only two weekends left!

If you miss this opportunity, you’ll surely be bereft!

So take your siblings, and children, everyone whosical

Has a longing desire to see RTP’s Seussical.

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, with one intermission.

Seussical the Musical plays through April 5, 2014 at The Reisterstown Theatre Project, performing at Franklin Middle School -10 Cockeys Mill Road, in Reisterstown, MD-l(at the intersection of Main Street and Cockeys Mill Road). Tickets can be purchased at the door, or for advanced reservations call the box office at (443) 226-6401.

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