Judyisms: ‘How I Dealt With Burnout’

Judy Stadt
Judy Stadt

For someone with a really, really good life, nice home, talent that reveals itself in many areas, a radio show that I adore doing and people (I hear) adore listening to, healthy family and pets … even with all that life can be a bit disturbing sometimes. Why I constantly ask myself? I had absolutely no idea, seriously, but I suspected that I was suffering from burnout. I was “doing” non-stop (enjoyable, yes) things but too much and all of a sudden my brain turned off and I was engulfed by a fatigue that persisted too long. Instead of worrying about it I thought of it as taking a vacation from being Judy Stadt.

butterfly.cwk (WP) (1)Possibly there are some of you out there with the same empty feelings that come up from time to time.

“I’m just not feeling happy.” OK, so I have an answer to that question of why am I not happy… nothing happened, I’m sleeping, I’m eating etc. Happiness comes in moments like a butterfly interrupting the rest of your life’s routine daily experiences … that’s how you know the difference between being happy and not. What I do is simple. I wait it out. I don’t dwell over the lack of happiness, or about the unproductive and (imagined) wasted time going by. I choose to try to be positive, watch good movies (I love movies) and make sure I eat delicious food (not always the most healthy), but yummy-and you know what???? IT ALWAYS PASSES.

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