Meet the Cast of No Rules Theatre Company’s ‘Boeing Boeing’: Part 2: Nick Kowalczyk

Here’s the first in a series of interviews with the cast of No Rules Theatre Company’s upcoming production of Boeing Boeing. In Part 2, meet Nick Kowalczyk.

Nick Kowalcyzk. Photo by Christina Gandolfo Photography.
Nick Kowalcyzk. Photo by Christina Gandolfo Photography.

Joel: Tell us where local theatregoers have seen you on the stage and the roles you have played.

Nick: Local theatre goers will be seeing me for the first time in this production. Very happy to be working for the first time in the vibrant D.C. theatre scene. Has been a lot of fun for me visiting from NY. Hoping I get to do more here in the future.

Why did you want to become a member of the cast of Boeing Boeing and work at No Rules Theatre Company?

Because I’m a big fan of Joshua Morgan, Matt Cowart, Jerzy Gwyzdowski, and Brian Sutow’s work from our time in and out of UNCSA. Have heard only great things from people I love and respect about their work. Having been a fan of the Broadway production, I was thrilled to be able to explore the play with talented people.

Who do you play in the show and how do you relate to your character?

I play Bernard in Boeing Boeing. A man addicted to love who believes he’s found the perfect way of living. Personally I relate to Bernard’s love of pleasure/variety, and that passion you have when you think you’ve found utopia. However misguided.

Have you appeared in another production of Boeing Boeing?

This is my first time in Boeing Boeing, and boy is it a big one!

What’s your favorite line and scene in the play?

I don’t think I have an absolute favorite. They’re all so fun and enjoyable to read and watch. Personally I really enjoy playing the scene where I tell my secret to Robert and try to bring him into my fold. That’s a lot of fun. My favorite line might be Gretchen’s when she describes Robert as having scandalously wooing her, “Do you really think I can’t see what you’re up to? All through dinner you never stopped winking at me… and those bizarre and cryptic little smiles…” That line just always makes me laugh even rereading it to write just now, I’m sitting here laughing. Such a hilarious image.

Nick Kowalczyk and Sherry Berg. Photo by Jason Hornick.
Nick Kowalczyk and Sherry Berg in ‘Boeing Boeing.’ Photo by Jason Hornick.

What have been some of the challenges you have faced preparing for your role, and how has Director Matt Cowart helped you meet these challenges and helped you shape your performance?

This is the first play I’ve done in quite some time. Recent years I’ve done television, independent film, and voice overs; so coming back to the theatre has been a wonderful challenge. I’d forgotten how difficult and fun it is to continue to explore and deepen scenes and a whole piece after those first few days of doing it. Then continuing to do it. Matt has been amazing at keeping us on the right track and guiding the best of ourselves into this. His positivity and clear vision makes an actors life really great, creating an environment which makes showing up everyday something you look forward to. If you look up Stanislavski’s description on what a director’s job requires, I’d say Matt fills the checklist.

Have you ever been to Germany, France, or Italy?

I’ve been to Paris, Venice and Rome. Venice is maybe my favorite, only because visually an old city literally existing on water seduces me to no end. Paris and Rome are stunning, and both treated me well. Fortunately, I had the luxury of having my heart slightly broken by a beautiful Parisian woman during my short trip there which gave another rich shade to my experience of the city. Felt like I got a glimpse of both sides of the infamous romance that colors that city. Can’t wait to go back to all three, and visit the great country Gretchen describes in Germany!

What do you want audiences to take with them after seeing you perform in Boeing Boeing?

I hope audiences leave having had a fun night! And maybe with a happy reminder of the value of love in all its crazy forms.


Boeing Boeing plays June 4-29, 2014 at No Rules Theatre Company performing at Signature Theatre’s ARK Theatre-4200 Campbell Avenue, in Arlington VA. For tickets, purchase them online.

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