Nameless’ ‘Happy Hour Theater’ Opens ‘Last Call’ This Thursday May 29th at 6 PM




Last Call, by A’Leighsha C. Butler, directed by Nia M. Barge

 May 29th and June 5th 

Happy Hour Starts at 6 pm. Show Starts at 7 pm. 

AT:  Club Heaven & Hell 2327 18th Street, NW, in Washington, DC 20009

Tickets: $15.

Order online: 

– Happy Hour begins at 6:00 pm. 

– Drink and food specials from 6:00-8:30 pm.

– There will be NO entry after 7:15 pm. 

– Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis

Nameless, a newly formed DC-based theatre company, announces the premiere of Last Call, a sharp-toothed One-Act comedic drama. The site-specific production, chronicles the experiences of longtime and new residents living alongside one another in today’s nation’s capital.

As neighborhoods in Washington, DC experience redevelopment or the more loaded term…gentrification – some people stand unwavering in their position on the issue and others pose awkwardly on the fence. Last Call, does not naively set out to provide the answer, but rather hopes to begin a healthy dialogue amongst Washingtonians by laying uncomfortable topics, such as class, racism and sexuality boldly on the table.

Adams Morgan popular hotspot, Club Heaven & Hell, will transform into “Mike’s Place” – a fictional bar struggling to maintain its historical roots in a city redeveloping at rapid speed. Rather than observing the show from behind the safety of the fourth wall, audiences will experience the drama as it unfolds around them.

Last Call will kick off the company’s anticipated new series, Happy Hour Theater (HHT). HHT is a new after-work event where patrons are invited to experience theater in an unconventional way, during the familiar setting of ʻhappy hour’. In addition to enjoying drink and food specials, attendees will also benefit from a unique and quality theater experience at an affordable price.

“Mike’s Place”, a small long-standing bar and unofficial DC landmark, struggles to maintain its roots in a neighborhood in the midst of great change. As condos rise, tensions swell amongst old and new residents. Suddenly, a horrible crime is committed just a few blocks away, making everyone in the bar a suspect. As accusations fly, the feuding neighbors are forced to come together in attempt to solve the unsettling mystery. Will they be able to uncover the truth before last call?

Nameless aims to reinvent theater by focusing on the most important element – the audience. The company produces work that can exist freely outside the proverbial box, by creating art unconfined by traditional theater spaces and artistic norms. Nameless believes that theater should be accessible to all audiences and specifically targets the non-traditional theater goers. Further, Nameless does not aim to provide audiences with a great show, rather an unforgettable experience.

The article is written by Sarah Parker.


  1. This play was awesome and thought provoking. It spoke to what a lot of us have thought but never actually said regarding gentrification in D.C.

    I applaud these young ladies for tacking a subject that resonates with everyone especially those that were born and raised in D.C.



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