Judyisms: ‘You Must Keep Your Dream in Your Focus’

Judy Stadt.
Judy Stadt.

I’ve all but stopped reviewing the facts of my childhood and spend my time enjoying my NOW, since NOW is all we really have anyway. The only thing I will maintain is that when I was six I made a very deliberate statement to myself that when I grow up I will absolutely without exception be an actweth (no front teeth). My preferred (and only available) ways to learn the “craft” of acting was by sitting in front of the Radio or the Television and listening and watching, very intently, as often as I was allowed to. Fortunate for me the shows and it’s talent were some of the best in the business and I was obsessed by that dream of being in that business.

Although only a kid I knew that it was most important that my tools (my body) had to be maintained and kept as healthy and strong as possible, my voice and diction had to be worked on since a “speech therapist” told me I had a Jewish intonation, and so that had to go. My posture was VERY important … all the boys used to laugh and ask: Hey, Judy got a broom up
your ass?” That’s OK, I STILL have perfect posture and they look like they grew up in a room 4’ high.

OK, so throughout my schooling, throughout my sixteen lousy married years, throughout my adult and now my senior years I continue to focus upon my craft by being an AWARE human … always learning, always listening, trying everything. Acting, storytelling, singing, dancing,
playwriting, doing every aspect of radio production and performing, designing, illustrating (on paper and in life) … I’m always practicing my craft onstage and off, in front of a camera or not.

The point of this Judyism is to remind you to focus.

If you want something you MUST put your attention on it or it will more than likely NOT happen.judy-statdt21

Illustration By: Judy Stadt
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  1. Great points! And to stay in the “now” also go to meditation with Tara Brach in MD or Jonathan Foust in VA. This is no ad. I’m a theatre-lover. While watching a play, most of us tend to focus and be “present.” I wish I could maintain that all day and night. ;) So live in the theatre? Nah,in my current situation, can’t be done but here’s to hangin’ with like-minded people. Thx, Joel and Judy.


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