Meet the Cast of ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ at Kensington Arts Theatre: Part 4: Teresa Danskey

In Part 4 of a series of interviews with the cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Kensington Arts Theatre, meet Teresa Danskey.

Teresa Danskey.
Teresa Danskey.

Joel: Please introduce yourself and tell our readers where they may have seen you in the past year on local stages?

Teresa: My name is Teresa Danskey and I play Rona Lisa Peretti in KAT’s production of Spelling Bee. I was last seen on stage with The Arlington Players’ (TAP) productions of The Wedding Singer (Holly), and The Most Happy Fella (Cleo).

Why did you want to be part of Kensington Arts Theatre’s Spelling Bee?

I had a blast watching KAT’s production of The Addam’s Family and knew I wanted to get involved with the organization right away. I wanted to have some plain old fun with the next show I chose, so Spelling Bee with KAT just made sense!

Have you appeared in or seen other productions of Spelling Bee before and who did you play and how is this production different and unique?


What did you perform at your audition and where were you when you got the call that you had the role?

I performed “It Won’t be Long Now” from In the Heights. My husband and I are renovating our house ourselves, so I was in the middle of demolishing my kitchen when Bobby called. Breathing mask, goggles, and all!

Who do you play in the show and how do you relate to your character?

I play Rona Lisa Peretti: Top Realtor and past Spelling Bee champion of Putnam County.  While Rona loves replaying her triumphant past, she hopes for grander experiences in life. Although I do not relate to this currently (I am the same age as Rona’s character), I did have similar sentiments before moving to DC.

How did you prepare for your role, and what were the biggest challenges you faced and how did you resolve them?

Bobby, Sam, and I discussed Rona’s past and how she interacts with the future in depth. I played with a lot of jokes off stage and during rehearsals to see which ones worked and which fell flat. Matt (Mr. Panch) and I wrote some jokes together and I frequently sought out his advice on improve tips.

What is your favorite scene and  song in the show that you are not in and do not sing  and what is your favorite scene that you are in and favorite song that you do sing and why?

Favorite scene/song not in: While I am on stage for Logainne’s lament “Woe Is Me,” I do not sing it. The next time I audition for this show I am auditioning for this part. Sarah does a fantastic job convincing us that she has the best role in the show!

Which character in the show is most like you, and why?

When I was a young child, my brothers and I were like Leaf. We had daily contests to see who could act the most bizarre. Many of these moments are on tape and I can do nothing but smile with pride when I watch them. We were all very strange children!

What do you admire most about your fellow castmates’ performances?

This cast is full of powerful singers. I love coming to rehearsal and listening to the voices.

Why should audience goers bring their families to see Spelling Bee?

There’s humor for children, teens, and definitely adults. It’s a shorter show, so you can go out for an evening and not be committing to an all night event! Just to plain ol’ fun!


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee plays through March 1, 2015 at Kensington Arts Theatre performing at Kensington Town Center – 3710 Mitchell Street, in Kensington, MD. For tickets, purchase them online.

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