Max Major’s ‘THINK AGAIN’ at the Theatre Project

Every once in a while you encounter a person that exudes such a charismatic, captivating confidence, he commands your attention at every turn – Max Major, a Washington, D.C.–based mentalist magician is one of those remarkable people. It is no surprise that he has been hailed the DC City Paper’s reigning “Best Performance Artist” for four years running.


With a sold-out show, Max Major made his appearance Saturday night for Baltimore-area patrons at the Theatre Project for his premiere performance of THINK AGAIN using a combination of magic, psychology, hypnosis and suggestion to demonstrate the untapped powers of the mind.

Set on a somewhat sparse stage primed with energizing electronic dance background music crafted by international DJ and music producer Neekola (who is well-known in the DC-area nightlife circuits), the theater had an exciting after-hours party feel and vibe. After a brief foreword from a member of the Theatre Project, the show started with a video montage, introducing Major and highlighting what was, perhaps, to come in his performance.

Modishly dressed in a V-neck shirt and fitted blazer paired with skinny jeans and dressy high-tops sneakers topped with an accented necklace, Major finally made his grand entrance with great gusto and verve, reminiscent of a TV game show host, scanning the crowd with pronounced enthusiasm and intensity. It almost appeared as though he was studying the interestingly wide-ranging audience who varied from families (comprised of both adults and children) mixed with small groups to couples and several individuals, looking everyone intently and purposefully in the eye as he spoke.

As the show went underway, it become readily evident, even to hard-nosed skeptics, that Major does indeed have an uncanny, bordering on eerie, understanding of body language, probability and stealthy observation to perceive and decode the thoughts of audience members who came his way by toss of a stuffed animal or clever participatory process of elimination, reading them with astonishing accuracy, which left spectators wondering how he was able to accomplish his mind-reading feats.

In addition to demonstrating his deft psychic powers, anticipating answers to random innocuous questions like “what color are you thinking of” and “what do you do”, Major is an extraordinary numbers cruncher, as exemplified in one noteworthy routine wherein he initially seemed to have miss-guessed the three-digit combinations of a few audience members but subsequently reveals that even when you think he may be wrong, he is actually right.

Major also skillfully performed a diverse sampling of well-integrated acts, including sleight-of-hand and what may be termed “cringe-worthy” magic. For example, he eats almost an entire light bulb, drinking it down with water.

Enormously spellbinding and entertaining, Major’s THINK AGAIN is a uniquely multifaceted show that will amaze and delight in new and unexpected ways, exploring the powerful potential and possibilities of the mind.

Running Time: Approximately 90 minutes, with one 15-minute intermission.

Max Major’s ThINK AGAIN plays for three more shows on October 2, 2015 (8 pm) and October 3, 2015 (6 pm and 9 pm) at the Theatre Project— 45 West Preston Street in Baltimore, MD. Tickets may be purchased online or at the door.

RATING: FIVE-STARS-82x1555.gif


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