Special Discounts for ‘Uprising’ Tonight & Tomorrow at MetroStage & ‘Private Eyes’ Tomorrow 10/2 at Silver Spring Stage! by Carolyn Griffin & Lennie Magida

From Carolyn Griffin: There may be hurricane warnings and Virginia may have declared a state of emergency but THE SHOW MUST GO ON. We promise MetroStage is above sea level (or river level) so we will not flood!


So for TONIGHT THURSDAY, October 1st & TOMORROW Friday, October 2nd MetroStage is offering $25 tickets


Call the box office 703-548-9044 (CODE: Hurricane) to order these specially priced tickets. And in the meantime go to https://metrostage.org/uprising.html#.VgyQACmFPIW, and you can read all the rave reviews, fascinating interviews, playwright’s notes, and a great slide show.

This is a rolling world premiere of an important new play that is part of the Women’s Voices Playwrights Festival. Come see UPRISING and then check out the other world premieres around town this fall.

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Check Kim Moeller’s review and Annetta Sexter Sawyer’s review of Uprising on DCMetroTheaterArts.

An Interview with Playwright Gabrielle Fulton on ‘Uprising’ Now Playing at MetroStage by Debbie M. Jackson.



Special Discount for Private Eyes TOMORROW, October 2, 2015 at 8 PM For Private Eyes at Silver Spring Stage! by Lennie Magida

We all love good theater. We all love a story that keeps us guessing. We all love a bargain.

But what’s better than any one of those? All three of them together.

When and where can you find that great combination? TOMORROW FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2ND at 8 pm  at Silver Spring Stage. For that night only, the Stage is offering a $10 discount on tickets for its current production of Steven Dietz’s Private Eyes. Just enter the promotional code EYES when you purchase tickets online for tomorrow’s Friday Night Special.

Private Eyes is a comedy of suspicion in which nothing is ever quite what it seems. Matthew (Noah Rich) is married to, Lisa (Caity Brown), who’s having an affair with Adrian (Jeff Breslow), a British theatre director. Or perhaps the affair is part of the play being rehearsed. Or perhaps Matthew has imagined all of it simply to have something to report to Frank (Leta Hall), his therapist. And, finally, there is Cory (Julia Morrissey)—the mysterious woman who seems to shadow the others—who brings the story to its surprising conclusion. Or does she? The audience itself plays the role of detective in this hilarious “relationship thriller” about love, lust and the power of deception.

Jeff Mikoni, director of the Silver Spring Stage production, says that “Private Eyes is witty, suspenseful, and heartfelt, full of twists and turns to challenge and entertain audiences.” And, he adds, Silver Spring Stage is a great place to see it: “The Stage’s intimate setting makes it the perfect venue for this exploration of romantic deception and theatrical illusion.”

The Chicago Tribune described Private Eyes as “a play within a play within a play within a play within a psychiatrist’s office—a Chinese box full of tricks and surprises.” And now Silver Spring Stage has added its extra surprise of $10 off for this TOMORROW, Friday, OCTOBER 2ND only.


Remember, it’s promo code EYES when you buy your tickets online. For more information, visit the Stage’s website.

other reviews 200x200 logoRead Susan Brall’s review of Private Eyes on DCMetroTheaterArts.


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