‘See Between the Lines’ by Jane Franklin Dance Comes to Dance Place November 14th & 15th by Joanne Burke

Jane Franklin Dance has a way of looking at things that is not quite…right. Or left. Or, wait, where are we going? You don’t know where you’ll end up, but when we get there, you’ll be exactly where you want to go. Join Amy Scaringe, Emily Crews, Carrie Monger, Leslie Noble, Stefanie Quinones Bass, and Sean Miller as they take you on a trip way past first impressions in an evening of illuminating theater.

Jane Franklin Dance, “Wash Over You.” Photo courtesy of Jane Franklin Dance.

What do you do when a metal pipe comes flying at you? You get the hell out of the way, right? Not if you’re with Jane Franklin. In Incidence, you jump on and you ride a 300-pound, whirling, metal sculpture.  (The sculpture, by Silver Spring artist Howard Connelly, is fabricated with type 6061 aluminum, with a sandblast/lacquer finish.)

You take it apart, then you jam it back together and spin it round as fast as you can. You climb to the top, and throw your hands in the air. You won! You own this. You got this. Or maybe it’s got you.

Jane Franklin Dance "Incidence" In Rehearsal, 1/28/2013 Original Filename JFD_130128_061
Jane Franklin Dance, “Incidence” In Rehearsal, 1/28/2013. Photo courtesy of Jane Franklin Dance.

Nested takes inspiration from the shape of mountains and natural life in Jane’s birthplace, Colorado.  Alexandria artist Rosemary Feit Covey’s Not A Day Goes By, references memory and loss but can also be viewed as a scene purely from nature. It was created as a one of a kind piece using eight wood blocks printed on Japanese paper and painted.  The shifting forms in the dance are generated by changing light and the passage of time.  The flower petals from Covey’s original work have been reproduced into multiple repetitions.  Released from overhead, the dancers interact with the petals, representing a deeper experience of our restless earth.

And finally, well, there’s going to be a big stink. Not the smelly kind, but just the same, you’ve been warned. People are going to get wet and we all have to get going. Along the way, you’ll be on a raft, on dry land and oh, by the way, we have to deal with the recycling. The only thing to do is pack your bag, stuff your friend into a trunk and let this new work Wash Over You.

Jane Franklin Dance is awry, askew, and comin’ at you. Brace yourself for an evening that’s going to light up your brain with a new vision of our journey through life.

By Paul Gillis Photography.
By Paul Gillis Photography.

Jane Franklin Dance performs on Saturday, November 14th at 8 pm and Sunday, November 15 at 4 pm at Dance Place – 3225 8th Street NE, Washington, DC. Purchase your tickets online.


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