Jill Vanderweit on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center

In Part 3, Jill Vanderweit stars in Any Given Monday, which opens tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center. I asked him to talk about the role of Risa, who she plays in the show.

Jill Vanderweit.
Jill Vanderweit.

My name is ​Jill Vanderweit, and I’m playing Risa, the adulterous wife in Any Given Monday at Greenbelt Arts Center. ​I have been an actor and arts administrator for numerous years, working predominantly with Molotov Theatre, Landless Theatre, and Spooky Action Theater

​I performed under the directorship of Ann Lowe and William Powell (Producer) last year in Death by Design, and​ I thought it would be fun to reprise that experience. I was also delighted to be cast again with Sarah Scott who plays Risa’s daughter.

​Risa is middle-aged, cranky, hates football, does yoga, and plans events for a living. I relate to all of this!

When Risa’s in top form, she is strong-willed, funny, and imperious. But she is also selfish, egocentric, and unthinkingly cruel. She takes her husband for granted and doesn’t realize how good she has it.

​Bruce Graham has written a bitingly funny play that teeters back and forth between long monologues and fast-paced, manic dialogue. Monologues are not my favorite theatrical form. I much prefer to be in scenes where actors can collaborate – giving and taking as they play off of each other. While rehearsing monologues, Ann has pointed me in the right direction many times, by reminding me to hear and answer the imaginary questions asked by my unseen scene partners. I think this has helped me to feel like I’m not as alone out there on the stage!

​Like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Risa seems to think that life is so much better over the rainbow, but she learns that there’s no place like home. Her character goes through a complete reversal, and to tell you any more, would deny you the fun of watching this transformation!


Any Given Monday opens tonight at 8 PM and plays through November 22, 2015 at Greenbelt Arts Center –  123 Centerway, in Greenbelt MD. For tickets, call  (301) 441-8770. Ticket prices: $20 General Admission, $16 Students/Seniors/Military, and 12 Youth (12 and under with adult).

Sarah Scott on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center.

Bob Kleinberg on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center.

Jill Vanderweit on ‘Any Given Monday’ Opening Tonight at Greenbelt Arts Center.

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