Eddie’s Travel Picks: Mother’s North Grille and Sushi YA



Sometimes it seems if a restaurant owner has one or two successful locations the temptation is great for opening a third. Sometimes that’s a good idea,

Sometimes not. After attending the opening night for Mother’s North Grille in Timonium it looks like owner and the chef, his brother Adam, may have a success on their hands. Dave already runs Mother’s in Federal Hill and Severna Park. His brother also overseas much of the food.

To be exact, the address is 2450 Broad Avenue, which runs directly into Padonia Road just to the west of York. It was at one time an Applebee’s. So
often one person’s failure is another’s success. The first nighters were ordering and drinking and having a good time. I left at 9 pm just what the over 60 crowd does. Or at least many of them. The point is, when I left people were still coming in. Darn those 30-somethings.

Mother’s North Grille is open seven days for lunch and dinner. There’s seating for about 195 and as soon as it gets warm and stays that way, an outside patio will be open. Other things coming are a Saturday and Sunday Brunch in May (or there about) carry out and the addition of more TV’s, currently there are 12.


I also heard talk about adding more live entertainment. As of today there is a DJ playing on Friday and Saturday. And yes breakfast daily starting soon.  So there’s a lot ahead. And dare I forget to mention the addition of light fare items. Adam is going to be busy.

As for the menu, glad you asked. The early favorites are the wings and so many from which to chose. For example, there’s the Cajun honey buffaque, Honey BBQ, hot, jet li, old bay and roasted garlic parmesan. Also the fresh fish is an early hit and the many burgers, like the Americana, Benedict Arnold, bleu cheese blast, crabby patty, and the big buh.

This of course is a very casual restaurant, I noticed jeans to ties. They do not accept reservations and they will cater both on and off premise. If you want to stay at Mother’s there is room for about 50. For delivery you can contact Order Up. They have 20 beers on draft and it looked as if they had a good supply on hand.


The addition of a restaurant in any neighborhood is good news for the locals and for the folks who travel there. But one point often overlooked is how many jobs it provides. The staff here are all young, they look to be in college or just out. Dave told me he has 85 employees. That means obviously 85 people benefit from this opening. Not to mention the contractors, food suppliers and all the other folks providing merchandise, from napkins to soap.

Let me conclude by listing some of the appetizers. I tried the buck’s blackened tuna bites while others at my press table nibbled on the old bay steamed shrimp and the bacon shrimp bombs. For dessert we all tried either the creamsicle, heath bar brownie, or the granny turnover. I’m going back just to try the root beer float. Haven’t had one of them since maybe high school.

Oh yes, one other thing to note. Dave described the kitchen as a scratch kitchen. What does that mean Dave? Well dummy – it means just about all our items are made from scratch, duh!



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