Inside the Numbers: Behind the Scenes Of Bethesda Little Theatre’s ‘Broadway Bios’ Part 1: Rehearsing “But Mr. Adams”

The Bethesda Little Theatre Presents: Broadway Bios, an Original Musical Revue!

Celebrating its 36th year, the Bethesda Little Theatre will perform the original musical revue, Broadway Bios at The Writer’s Center, just two blocks from the Bethesda Metro, on April 1, 2, 3 and 8,9,10.  Through song and dance, the cast of 19 will give audiences a peek into the lives of some of theatre’s greatest characters whose musicals are based on true stories.   Don’t miss your chance to meet Ben Franklin, Fanny Brice, Charlie Chaplin, Eva Peron and more!  Tickets are available at . $20 General Admission, $15 Students and Seniors, $12 for Children under 12.  Call (240) 479-4825 or email [email protected] for groups of more than 10 and with questions.

Now, let’s go into the rehearsal of “But Mr. Adams” from 1776:

Putting It All Together

Full show run-throughs are right around the corner and we are putting it all together, just like the Founding Fathers featured in “But Mr. Adams” from the musical, 1776. Let’s hear what they have to say about choosing the author of our Declaration of Independence.

Justin Cunningham, Gordon Kiefer, Joseph Rozenshtein, and Martin Bestimt.
Justin Cunningham, Gordon Kiefer, Joseph Rozenshtein, and Martin Bestimt. Photo courtesy of Bethesda Little Theatre.

Q: Did you know any of the songs from the 1776 musical before preparing for this show?

Justin (Mr. Adams): Before this show, I wasn’t familiar with any of the songs.  I regret not being better informed

Gordon (Mr. Franklin): I only remembered “Sit Down John,” because I had seen the show years ago.

Q: Do the songs have any special meaning for you during this crazy election year?

Justin: Let’s not go there!

Gordon: I guess politicians are just as stubborn and hard to get along with now as they were in those days!

Martin: (Mr. Sherman): They’re both comical!

Q: Do you think people are more interested in the American Revolution after the Hamilton craze?

Justin: I am sure it will motivate people to learn more about that miraculous era that gave birth to this great nation.

Martin: Yes, it’s popularization of history that speaks to a lot of people.

Joseph (Mr. Jefferson): I think it will give young people a new way to look at history and get a lot of kids interested in history who might not have been interested before.

Q: There’s a lot of wordplay in the song “Dear Mr. Adams.”  What’s your favorite part?

Justin: As Mr. Adams, of course, it’s my parting words to Mr. Jefferson…”Dear Mr. Jefferson, I’m only 41 and still have my virility, yet I can romp through Cupid’s grove with great agility…”  What’s not to love?

Gordon: “Homicide…homicide…”

Joseph: “Mr. Adams, damn you Mr. Adams, you’re obnoxious and disliked, that cannot be denied!”

Martin: A lot of the wordplay is clever… -bustility…agility…virility…

See this hilarious performance at our show, opening April 1st!


Broadway Bios plays from April 1-10, 2016 at Bethesda Little Theatre performing at The Writer’s Center – 4508 Walsh Street, in Bethesda, MD. For tickets,  call (240) 479-4835, buy them at the door, or purchase them online.

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