Interview: Meet the Cast of ‘Loves and Hours’ at Laurel Mill Playhouse. Part 7: Gage Warren

In part seven of  a series of interviews with the cast of Loves and Hours at Laurel Mill Playhouse, meet Gage Warren.

Please introduce yourself and tell our readers where they may have seen you perform on the stage before. What roles did you play in these shows?

Gage Warren. Photo courtesy of Laurel Mill Playhouse.

I am Gage Warren. You would not have seen me anywhere. This is my debut on the stage!

Why did you want to be part of the cast of Loves and Hours? I have never heard of this play before. Had you known about it before? And what intrigued you about the play?

I had never heard about this play before. I originally auditioned because my wife was in so many productions at Laurel Mill Playhouse and I thought this would be a great opportunity to spend some more time with her. However, after reading the synopsis of the play, I found the concept of the show to be quite fascinating.

Who do you play in the show? How do you relate to him or her? What traits do you share? Does this character remind you of a similar character that you have played before?

I play Dan Jr. who is the son of the main character Dan Tilney. We are both young men who at one point experienced a time where we were unsure of our place in the world or what we wanted to do with our lives, something that most millennials can relate to.

What is Loves and Hours about from the point of view of your character?

From Dan Jr.’s point of view, this play is about the summer before transferring to a college out of state and inadvertently falling in love with a woman twice his age and becoming single-mindedly obsessed with being with her. He was willing to change his life plan for his first love.

What challenges have you had preparing for the role, and how did Director Daniel Douek help you through these challenges? What was the best advice he gave you on how to play your role?

I am not an actor. So I had to act. More specifically, I am not accustomed to conveying or expressing my emotions. I have struggled to do this on stage, because my natural subtlety is lost under the blinding stage lights. Thanks to Daniel’s very clear guidance and immense patience, I feel I have increased my emotional flexibility in order to convey how my character is feeling. So… acting.

What is your favorite line or lines that your character says, and what is your favorite line that someone else says in the show?

I don’t have any favorite lines that my character says. All my favorite lines are stage direction.

Some of my favorite lines from other characters are: “It’s propagation of the species. For the male animal, perfectly natural.” (Harold) “So is licking your balls.” (Linda)

What does Loves and Hours have to say to today’s audiences?

What you think you want isn’t always right for you.

If you could change what happens to your character – what would you like to see happening to your character at the end of the play?

Dan Jr. is a twenty-year-old male. So basically, he’s an idiot. Everything he does falls in line with his character and maturity level. I would just hope that Dan Jr. uses this experience of what happens to him at the end of the play as an opportunity to grow. The play ends before you get a chance to see this growth. As a result of the choices he made during the play, he’s forced to grow up quickly.

Why should local theatergoers come and see Loves and Hours?

They should go see it, because it’s going to be a great show. And my lovely wife is in it.

What’s next for you on the stage?

Nothing. This was a great experience, but due to my professional obligations and upcoming transfer to California, I do not see another show in my future anytime soon. I did love getting to share this experience with my wonderful, smart, talented wife as well as the amazing supportive cast and crew who I am sure will go on to provide you with many more wonderful shows in the future.

Running Time: Two hours and 30 minutes, with one intermission.

Loves and Hours plays through February 5, 2017 at Laurel Mill Playhouse – 508 Main Street, in Laurel, MD. For tickets, call (301) 617-9906, or purchase them online.

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