‘Legendary: Sweet Slice of Liberty’ by TBD Immersive

TBD Immersive is back with an immersive tale of supernatural beings performed in a DC diner.

TBD Immersive, DC’s very own immersive theater company, brings a new production to the city this weekend. This time the show comes to life at Slim’s, a funky DC diner located at the corner of Georgia & Upshur in Petworth.

A ticket for the new experience, Legendary: Sweet Slice of Liberty, gets you a three-course meal with the gods (“Legends”), a new outlook for our beleaguered country, and the opportunity to bring out your inner thespian!

TBD Immersive focuses on experiential design theater. What is experiential design? It’s a story turned into a three-dimensional world, sort of like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book. Immersive theater blurs the line between audience and performer. Audience members are encouraged to engage in this imaginary world with full agency over their own experience.

This “Legendary” dinner will be open to a few lucky humans for a limited time starting this Friday the 10th, and will run till August 25th.

Check out these exclusive photos of the cast of Legendary at work. All photos by Mukul Ranjan.


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