CrossCurrents Festival Will Light Up DC with Theater.

Georgetown University is the hub for CrossCurrents.

The CrossCurrents Festival put on by Georgetown University’s The Lab occupies an interesting space in the DC performing arts world, existing at the intersection between art and international affairs. Georgetown’s The Lab embraces theater’s power to bridge divides and this is never more apparent than in their biennial CrossCurrents Festival, which is currently putting on events across the city and which will culminate in a four-day event called The Gathering from May 8-11.

'The Chibok Girls: Our Story' will have its US Premiere at the Davis Performing Arts Center May 7-9. Photo Courtesy of CrossCurrents.
‘The Chibok Girls: Our Story’ will have its US Premiere at the Davis Performing Arts Center May 7-9. Photo Courtesy of CrossCurrents.

CrossCurrents invites performers from around the world to bring their creative work to Washington, emphasizing the ability of innovative artists to highlight some of society’s most challenging issues. This year’s festival will feature full-scale productions, residencies, concerts, and workshops, culminating in The Gathering, a four-day event featuring over 200 visionary artists from around the world.

Highlights of The Gathering include full-scale productions from Palestine, Somalia, and the UK, works in progress from the US and around the world, and performances (May 7-9) of Renegade Theatre’s The Chibok Girls: Our Story.

Derek Goldman, Lab Co-Director and Curator of CrossCurrents and The Gathering stated the following in a Lab press release: “We have been overwhelmed by the range of artists who are making the journey to be with us, many of whom are traveling thousands of miles at their own expense, to be part of this singular occasion. Equally important to us is the opportunity for wider DC audiences to connect with the artists and projects that we are bringing.”

For a complete listing of events in the CrossCurrents Festival, go online.

Seating for these added public performances is very limited and tickets are available on the CrossCurrents website on a first-come, first-served basis. The Gathering events will also be available to public via livestream on


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