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Nolan Williams, Jr., directs a star-studded music video featuring his powerful voting rights anthem.

Elections have consequences. Some elections more than others. With voting participation trending downward over the years, what can be done to awaken folk to the critical importance of voting? What can be done to encourage Americans to understand their power through voting and their right to use it?

There is a new music video entitled I Have a Right to Vote that brims with uplifting energy ready to make a difference in voting participation. Full of percussive music, stylish dancing, and piercing, witnessing words, the video is aimed at reaching younger voters and voters-to-be. The video includes boldface celebrities and everyday folk from around the United States.

Longer version, with credits

I Have a Right to Vote is composed, directed, and co-produced by Nolan Williams, Jr., who is a Social Practice Resident at The Kennedy Center REACH. “We’re releasing it now to motivate potentially new voters and apathetic ones to participate in this year’s election,” said Williams. “No matter our politics, we all need to be engaged civically—now more than ever.”

The music video has roots in a particular scene from Williams’s Stirring the Water Across America, performed at The Kennedy Center REACH in October 2019.

Nolan Williams, Jr. Photo courtesy of NEWorks Productions.

Co-producer Dale A. Mott added this about the aims of I Have a Right to Vote:  “We want to achieve the highest voter turnout in history.”

The inspiring I Have a Right to Vote is a nation-wide voter education and engagement anthem ready to be heard and widely shared. A collective of organizations across the country are working to distribute the music video including Arena Stage and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, according to Williams. For voter education information and resources go to 

#MyRight2Vote   #VotingAnthem   #Vote

Shorter version, without credits


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