The show goes on, but where? Theater Alliance searches for a new space following the loss of its longtime home at Anacostia Playhouse

Following 2022’s change in leadership at the Playhouse, a January eviction notice, and $40,000 in previously unpaid rent, the once symbiotic relationship between the two theater nonprofits has crumbled.

By Nicole Hertvik and Sarah Marloff

Originally published by, and written in partnership with, Washington City Paper

Life has been a bit chaotic lately for the staff of Theater Alliance. On April 10, the socially conscious theater company found out that their long-term partnership with Anacostia Playhouse was being dissolved. Shocked and heartbroken, staff made plans to pack up Theater Alliance’s gear in order to vacate the space by April 16.

Theater Alliance packs up a dozen years of work and memories at Anacostia Playhouse on April 23, 2024. Photo by Darrow Montgomery for Washington City Paper.

But when staffers returned to the Playhouse on April 14, they found the locks and access codes had been changed. Locked out, they were unable to retrieve both their work equipment and personal belongings from the building—including one staffer’s leftover fish stew.

In the span of 10 days in April, Theater Alliance went from being the professional company in residence at Anacostia Playhouse to being cut off completely from the building the company has called home since 2013.

Dressed in jeans and T-shirts, staff and board members, on April 23, gathered everything from Theater Alliance’s soundboards to the folding chairs audience members once sat on—all the equipment that makes a theater company run—loaded it into trucks, and moved it into a storage facility in Hyattsville….

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Nicole Hertvik is publisher and editor-in-chief of DC Theater Arts. Sarah Marloff is the arts editor of Washington City Paper.

Theater Alliance reporting eviction from Anacostia Playhouse (news story, April 16, 2024)


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