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At Adventure Theatre, ‘Knuffle Bunny’ by Mo Willems is a swift...

I thought I was bringing my children to a musical just for them, but the show validates the feelings of worn-out parents too. By HILARY SUTTON

‘Miss Nelson Is Missing!’ at Imagination Stage is not to be...

Based on a classic of children's literature, the show is filled with music, dance, and theater magic. By BRITTANY PROUDFOOT GINDER

Adventure Theatre MTC announces 2024/25 season

Season features exciting productions new to ATMTC, along with returning classics.

Legacy ‘Pinocchio’ at The Puppet Co. may have lost some magic

The puppets were gorgeous, and the venue was appealing, but the show fell short. By MORGAN PAVEY

Kennedy Center announces 2024/25 Performances for Young Audiences

Filled with everyday heroes in unforgettable adventures in theater, dance, music, circus, and comedy that will empower and entertain audiences of all ages.

A twist on Appalachian folk tales in ‘Sing Down the Moon’ at...

The rhythmic original mountain music is thigh-slapping fun, and the choreography is jubilant. By DEBBIE MINTER JACKSON

‘Alice in Wonderland’ at The Puppet Co. is pure chaos and...

In this wild production that the young audience thoroughly enjoyed, Alice falls down the rabbit hole and engages with all sorts of crazy characters. By JULIA AMIS

Enthralling ‘Off the Page’ by Arts on the Horizon is one...

This new nonverbal play for children 3 to 6 perfectly encapsulates how reading can make worlds come alive. By KJ MORAN VELZ

The Puppet Co.’s fairytale ‘Magic Mirror’ delights parents and kids

The gorgeously crafted and wonderfully expressive puppets garnered excited chatter each time a new character was introduced. By BRITTANY PROUDFOOT GINDER

In ‘Cinderella: A Salsa Fairy Tale,’ a classic gets a cultural...

A silly and fun show for kids 5 and up about mutual respect and sportsmanship. By JULIA AMIS

Adventure Theatre’s ‘Junie B. Jones, the Musical’ is a genuine joy...

Thanks to the actors' commitment, even adults can see a bit of themselves in the six-year-old characters. By ALEXANDRA BOWMAN

The Puppet Co.’s ‘Hansel and Gretel’ leaves a trail of delights

Twists on a familiar fairy tale and skilled puppetry are perfect for young ones. By REBECCA CALKIN

Joyous ‘Mouse on the Move’ delights at Imagination Stage

The best part of the show is the smiles, giggles, and wonder on the young audience's faces. By LUCILLE RIEKE

Fun with a trickster dad in ‘Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins’...

Parents and kids 5 and up will appreciate the well-made puppets, the extravagant set, and the dizzying variety of characters. By JILL KYLE-KEITH

The Puppet Co.’s 35th annual ‘Nutcracker’ brings joy to a new...

Besides the rousing Tchaikovsky score, the show has snippets from fairy tales, re-creations from traditional stories, and new segments that work wonders. By DEBBIE MINTER JACKSON

Pint-size ‘Lion, Witch and Wardrobe’ a big success at Adventure Theatre...

Provoking giggles and shouts, two versatile actors draw young audiences into the classic C.S. Lewis story. By HANNAH ESTIFANOS

‘A Year of Frog and Toad’ showcases Imagination Stage at its...

The show is elegant and dignified while still being full of laughs and spark that keep kids engaged and entranced. By SARAH SHAH

Imagination Stage offers new immersive play experience for ages 3–6

Part theater piece, part interactive exhibit, 'Jungle Discovery' is created and produced in partnership with Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore.

‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown’ is a feel-good family hit at Adventure...

A rousing ensemble of talent brings to life characters that we’ve grown up with. By DEBBIE MINTER JACKSON

Fun and chuckles fill Puppet Co.’s ‘Witch Wartsmith’s Halloween Spooktacular’

The third-annual entertainment is creatively and technically excellent. By ERIC COLCHAMIRO