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Here’s to the ladies who stood for civil rights, on ‘Wednesdays...

A world premiere from Pipeline Playwrights sheds light on civic-minded women from the North who traveled weekly to the South for social justice. By DEBBIE MINTER JACKSON

Wickedly engaging new musical ‘WITCH’ casts spell at Stillpointe Theatre

In this safe and sacred feminine space, we learn the stories of six historical witches. By COLLEEN KENNEDY

Two teens connect in heartfelt ‘I and You’ at Compass...

The intimate play tackles heavy subjects through humor and art and is not to be missed. By CHARLES GREEN

Folger Shakespeare Theatre weathers ‘Winter’s Tale’ with gusto

The skillful, buoyant production does not so much solve the Bard’s 'problem play' as show the invention equired to engage it. By JARED STRANGE

A gift of beauty runs through ‘Bicycle Country’ by Nilo Cruz...

The play takes place in Cuba at a time of deprivation, but director Fatima Quander makes sure that beauty and comfort share center stage. By GREGORY FORD

Masqueraders present prescient 1920 play about robots, at U.S. Naval Academy

'R.U.R.,' a dramatic adaptation of Karel Čapek’s classic sci-fi tale, is a powerful reminder that technological advances can have unintended consequences. By CHARLES GREEN

Rafael Ramírez breaks the macho mold in GALA’s Fuego Flamenco Festival...

He gives his all in the service of sharing the quest of the human spirit. By SUSAN GALBRAITH

Jubilant ‘Making the Go-Go Band’ at Georgetown lifts up DC’s own...

Amid dazzling lights and vivacious energy, a new musical featuring GU students and local talents feels delectably cozy. By HAILEY WHARRAM

Fascinating time shifts in Perisphere Theater’s ‘Hazardous Materials’

Toggling between 1955 and 2015, the story is a welcome reminder of the lasting impact we have on each other. By DEBBIE MINTER JACKSON

‘how sweet it is: the men of soul’ at Signature Theatre...

This musical cabaret celebrates some of the biggest soul hits of the 1960s and 1970s from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding. By WILLIAM POWELL

Teens say ‘Enough!’ in six powerful plays to end gun violence,...

The one-night-only production was the marquee event in a nationwide series of play readings designed to spark conversations and action. By AILEEN JOHNSON

Wildly entertaining ‘Adventures of Pinocchio’ plays at Creative Cauldron

The Learning Theater Production features an exuberant young cast, an English and Spanish script, and spectacular designer collaboration. By DEBBIE MINTER JACKSON

Solas Nua’s taut thriller ‘The Honey Trap’ revisits Northern Ireland’s ‘Troubles’

A brilliant world premiere by young Belfast playwright Leo McGann reminds us that peace is never simple. By ANDREW WALKER WHITE

Tensions wax and wane in Nomadic Theatre’s ‘Betrayal’ at Georgetown

The cast and creative team understand Pinter's play and its logic-defying emotional arc but not often enough to maintain a continuous magnetism. By JACOB CANSLER

Nobel winner Jon Fosse’s ‘Strong Wind’ is a kick at Scena...

The absorbing prose-poem drama plays in one’s mind like a linguistic trickster. By JOHN STOLTENBERG

Black women seek freedom then and now, in ‘Confederates’ at Mosaic...

Nikkole Salter and Deidre Staples command attention. They are the heart and soul of this production. By AILEEN JOHNSON

In ‘Black Nativity’ at Howard University, new and upcoming talent shines

The legacy of the Theatre Department lives on: The ensemble gave performances worthy of gossip over Sunday dinner. By WHIT DAVIS

A stylish romp in the underworld with ‘Daughters of Leda’ at...

Professionally directed by Shanara Gabrielle and Angelisa Gillyard, American University actors mash up mythologies to a sharply funny and insightful effect. By CAROLINE BOCK

‘Ragtime’ revival at Signature Theatre rousing but not so revelatory now

The production is laudable on many levels, but the archetypes crafted in 1998 of Blacks, Jews, WASPS, and plutocrats now appear more as stereotypes. By AMY KOTKIN

A mythical creature feeds on humans in ‘Monstress’ from Flying V...

For the Halloween season, an intriguing original production with potential, about a Filipino vampire. By KENDALL MOSTAFAVI