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You could get hooked on Kristen Bush in ‘People, Places &...

Playing an addicted actress, she gives a performance you will be intoxicated by.

An emotionally powerful ‘Sweat’ from U.S. Naval Academy Masqueraders

Kudos to the troupe for tackling Lynn Nottage's meaningful play.

A resonant vision on view in ‘The Window King’ at Live...

Bless ji Jaja's engrossing new play prompted by a terminated pregnancy is both timeless and right on time.

‘New Jack City Live’ urban theater experience plays the National Theatre

A raw and authentic stage adaptation of the 1991 indie movie mega-hit.

A flat-out glorious ‘Requiem’ marks IN Series’ move past Mozart

The singing fills the space with a sound that penetrates the audience’s very being.

At Howard, remarkable students with old souls play August Wilson’s ‘Seven...

The production brought full circle the theater department’s power to groom and produce world-class talent.

Unpacking what was funny and not in David Sedaris’ show at...

Afterthoughts on an act in which some of the humorist's most memorable stories framed women or people of color as individuals we’re supposed to laugh at.

NatPhil and Broadway stars deliver a variety show of Broadway treats

At the National Philharmonic Orchestra 'Broadway's Brightest Lights' concert, there was no shortage of cross-generational jubilation.

‘Princess and the Goblin’ is a solid pick for family fun...

The young cast of this new musical has an energy that’s contagious.

Elusive truth and justice in ‘That Summer in Sumner’ at Mosaic...

The haunting events surrounding the trial of Emmett Till's killers seen through the eyes of Black reporters trying to get the facts of the story.

Solas Nua’s new ‘Playboy of the Western World’ is now a...

In Bisi Adigun and Roddy Doyle's contemporary adaptation of J.M. Synge's classic, it's not clear who has more fun, the audience or the ensemble on stage.

Personal and artistic persistence in Hend Ayoub’s solo ‘Home?’

An entertaining and essential autobiographical play about a Palestinian woman born and raised in Israel.

A captivating cabaret celebrates Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen at Signature

Danielle Wertz and Robbie Schaefer showcase two powerful storytellers who have shaped the folk music songbook since the 1960s.

A vividly hilarious ‘Pericles,’ in rep at American Shakespeare Center

This one's an instant classic, and well worth the drive, the tolls, whatever it takes to get you to Staunton, Virginia.

A vision of ‘The Tempest’ for all, in rep at American...

The multiracial acting company has created one of the most thought-provoking versions of this play you are likely to see.

A raw and razor-sharp ‘Une Tempête,’ in rep at American Shakespeare...

Martinique author Aimé Césaire’s redo of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' should be receiving revivals across the country in very short order.

Brutality and transfiguration in ‘The Ballad of Emmett Till’ at Mosaic...

Playwright Ifa Bayeza transforms this terrifying and traumatizing story for Black Americans into a catalyst for change.

A fresh look at ‘La Llorona’ Latin American folktale from We...

The scary staple of Spanish-speaking popular culture is imaginatively reframed by a modern mother-daughter conflict.

‘Benevolence’ in Black and white at Mosaic Theater

This play in Ifa Bayeza's 'The Till Trilogy' shows how the Emmett Till murder distorted the most intimate human relationships among the people involved.

World-class ‘Cerrando el círculo’ opens GALA’s Fuego Flamenco Festival XVIII

The weekend program, the first of three, was directed and choreographed by Antonio Granjero, the 'Baryshnikov of Spanish Dance.'